Is the vibrato and fast hand really stupid with the rhythm?

Is Douyin and Raptor really doing stupid things with the rhythm?

This article is from WeChat Public title: single reading (ID: dandureading), by Ren Ning, editor: Yun Chen.

The first letter came from Xiaoyu, a doctor of political science at Oxford University. He questioned those declarative conversations: we are critically criticized in the spirit, then? After irony and suspicion, what can replace them? Wu Qi, editor-in-chief of "Single Reading", is equally anxious in the reply. Can we find a new narrative way to tell our own version of the story, but he also believes that the forces that cause change are often hidden in this seemingly chaotic process. .

Today is the third letter, investors Jen Ning sent them a reply, he also continued the "rogue" optimism, that even in a volatile rainforest, we can still expect, can be observed, do not fear.

Writer: Ren Ning

(Management partner of venture capital fund ONES Ventures, head of ONES Idea Media Lab)

Wu Qi:

Half a month after our previous Beijing Snow Night meeting, the streets of Shanghai have been wearing shorts. No wonder people say "Spring has four seasons".

After reading your reply last week, I felt that the best topic to talk about was how we should get along with society as a whole. The "interesting" and "then" philosophic speculations of ancient times are nothing more than a radar-busted self-driving car, rushing toward a roadside fence and colliding head-on with it.

Movie "Wild Story" stills

In a collection of talks and "Building Digital Beijing, Enjoy Modern Life" on the Beijing Metro Card, I quoted the very important author of the New Yorker, EB White, in the early days: "If the world is totally attractive." It is very simple. If the world is only full of challenges, there is no problem. But I wake up every morning to improve the world and enjoy the world's two desires. This makes planning this day very difficult."

Focus on the end: how difficult is Planning? Literally, a product manager who knows how to allocate time reasonably will probably recommend task management software as powerful as OmniFocus. But I think the problem with E. B. White here is the inner distinction and validation: what exactly is the thing at hand? Still in the modernist boom of the twentieth century, a sensitive American writer found himself unable to simply improve the world for an hour, and then simply enjoy the world for an hour, starting at a certain point in time. The two have been merged, there is no clear and refreshing, black or white and the line between black and white upside down, or black and white as a separate concept no longer exist.

Elvin Brooks White (11 July 1899-1 October 1985), contemporary American writer and critic

This kind of feeling is simply the typical annoyance experienced in the transition from modern to post-modern. Although modernism has a strong personal color, it still pursues collective consciousness and identity. The basic dish of post-modernity is vaguely "whatever you want". Xiao Yu wrote, "people have come to realize the uncertainty of the times, and their hearts are filled with drums about the inexorable tone." you asked, "the deconstruction, anxiety, satire and nothingness that pervades us, and what exactly is behind it?" Needless to say, this is a retreat from the enthusiasm of grand narration, but what I see more is the disappearance of the ability and motivation of postmodernism to establish or maintain a mainstream value.

In today's consumerism, is there a submerged cynicism lurking in post-modern times? Needless to say. But the answer to this question also has two qualities. When you quote Foucault, I think that when he commented on Kant's "What is Enlightenment," he suggested whether modernity can be regarded as an attitude rather than a historical period. Foucault's so-called "attitude" refers to the pattern of relationship with the current reality. It refers to the voluntary choice made by some people. It is a path of thinking and perception, and also a type of behavior. It is both a sign of a certain attribute and a mission, a bit like the "ethos" that the ancient Greeks said. This attitude allows one to grasp the heroism in the immediate situation. Modernity is not only a sensitive intervention for the short-term present, but also a willingness to make the daily “heroization” of the camp.

This is especially visible in the current “content industry” of popular culture. Thanks to the efficient, cheap and widely distributed Internet infrastructure, rich media technology has magnified everything. Xiaoyu’s “cultural parallel universe” reminds me of the previous experience of opening a live broadcast platform and playing a short video app. The play buttons displayed on the user's interactive interface are like the easy entrance of a parallel universe. Each parallel universe seems to have no interference and has its place. Do they have an intersection? Of course, but to a lesser extent than many people think. For example, in the "secondary" ACGMN (animation, comics, games, music, novels), the circles that are keen on the country and the pursuit of the day can not get together. In the crowds of the day, people who like Toda Yudou will dislike Gu Gu is a metamorphosis and a fool. Even the cartoonists like Okazaki Kyoko and Matsumoto Oike, who are similar in style, will be the ones who are more powerful and idols. Arguing over.

Young people do have "deep doubts," but their skepticism is not confined to mainstream traditions, but also to stories and contexts at their own level. The will to "heroize" is still widespread, but, as in the Avengers, a large number of heroes make it difficult for viewers to remember who is who. And whose legends are more compassionate or emotional-unless you're a senior Marvel fan, or a heavy fan of a certain character, you can write about your favorite. Craig Calhoun. Class is, in the end, the concept of individualism-at least the Marxist "self-class", which basically classifies many people with common status. But at the moment, it is becoming increasingly impossible to "draw a line" without controversy, just as you can't name every grain of sand on a beach. Perhaps the most worthy question for discussion is not whether the scalp historians and political scientists should be "born" or "entered the WTO", but rather whether the world itself-I mean, the crowd, or class-is severely severed. This is true of both scope and extent.

This of course is confusing. I encountered a case the day before yesterday: chatting with a close friend who is engaged in “consumption upgrading”, she has suffered from the pains of channel operation. Killing the fierce Red Sea category to enter the buyer's field of vision on Taobao, there is almost no way to spend money. Even if you are willing to pay to optimize search results, the high cost is basically to give all the money earned from Taobao to the platform, which is equivalent to futile. The vertical e-commerce of the forests has also delineated their respective maps, and the core users in the palm of their hands have built a walled garden. So no brand of silver bullets (Fred Brooks' metaphorical meaning or lack of money in the pocket, all set up) wants to sell goods, can only dig into the "growth hacking" (growth hacking), a family talk will pass. Among the many labors involved, she jokingly said that she has become a labor-intensive company.

But the loose sand is also rich in nutrients. You asked, "what are new narratives or alternatives to narratives?" and you said, "the recent reading experience is that people who don't write for a living are more likely to impress me. Sometimes it can even sink those cliches like cruise missiles-I don't think it's "just an elite crisis" as you call it. The group involved is much broader than the elite and can be dismissed as a crisis.

Movie "Wild Story" stills

For example, some netizens say that Douyin and the anchorman on the fast hand rely on "following the rhythm to do silly things" in exchange for traffic, but what exactly is behind it? Is it the difference in the scene that draws attention, or the echo of human resonance? Probably both. And a certain degree of "estrangement" in which a rather subtle play a beneficial effect-to maintain a sense of distance, can lead to creative inspiration, in order to ensure that "cultural hybridization" does not become a close relative marriage. It's like having the seemingly unbreakable "fourth wall" and "dimensional wall" to create a heroic impulse to "break the fourth wall" and "penetrate the dimensional wall." The new world set off by the crumbling walls will be particularly colourful and beautiful.

We see a "deconstructed" group of young people (not related to the age in the "user portrait") to integrate into society in a personal manner, thereby experiencing the rich life of themselves and others. "boring" and "don't know" may be just another temporary expression of "interesting" and "know." Rather than a "trap set by the times," the present is full of variables, and rainforests are producing new species-natural aversion to a vacuum. We can expect, observe, capture anatomical studies, sprinkle with charred charcoal, but without fear. Spring has four seasons, but the climate is always warm.

The investment meeting outside the country that day somehow got to the "pessimistic optimist" argument. I believe that bad chaos caused by entropy increases is the norm, but there is still something we can do to solve problems, to level obstacles, or at least to accumulate experience. This is probably also part of the process of internalization with the world. At the beginning of this book, the Song people often bring a winning story or poetry to lead to the main plot. Lu Xun and Hu Shi have analyzed it because the storytellers often don't get together when they begin, so they don't rush into the "flesh of the play" section. Later, this became the formula of the novels of the Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the prequel of the section of "Prequel" in front of "Water margin", "Lieutenant Hong Tai-hui", the "Letters Republic" column from the beginning of the curtain, and the good play will be on. I this "investment" circle of cultural outsiders also came to join a lively, power should be a brick and jade, to a "winning the first return."

Jen Ning

This article is from WeChat Public title: single reading (ID: dandureading), by Ren Ning, editor: Yun Chen.

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