Qingyun QingCloud is actively preparing for the listing of the science and technology board


[TechWeb] on July 11, at today's Qingyun QingCloud Media Communication meeting, Liu Liang, vice president of Qingyun QingCloud Market, revealed in response to a reporter's question that the company was actively applying for a listing on the gem.

Liu Wei said that the opening of the science and technology board is a very good opportunity for Qingyun QingCloud. The landing of the science and technology board will be able to inject more power into the future development of Qingyun QingCloud.

According to reports, the current Qingyun QingCloud revenue components include private cloud, public cloud, Qingcuo Qing3 hyper-converged system and QingStor software-defined storage business. Qingqing Qing3 Super Fusion System ranks fifth in the country in terms of market share.

Qingyun QingCloud is a leading enterprise-class full-stack cloud ICT service provider and solution provider, and is also an integrated enterprise service platform based on cloud model. The company was founded in 2012.

According to public information, Qingyun QingCloud has received four rounds of financing so far, namely, US $2 million in round A financing in June 2012, with investors of Lanchi Venture Capital, US $20 million in December 2013, led by China, Lanchi Venture Capital and Matrix Partners China, and US $100m C round financing in March 2016, led by two RMB funds and led by Lanchi Venture Capital. In June 2017, he received 1.08 billion yuan in D-round financing, including China Merchants Securities International, China Merchants Zhiyuan Capital, Sunshine Capital, China Jinjiatai, Pan Hai Investment and other institutions, Lanchi Venture Capital, Light Speed China and other early investors to follow the investment.

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Qingyun QingCloud is preparation Kechuang board listing declaration

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