Responding to the Nanjing Tenant Event: The furniture has not been renovated.

[TechWeb] May 15 news, in response to the online report on "the illness of Ms. Chen's family, a free tenant in Nanjing", he freely released a "Note on the incident of Ms. Chen, a tenant in Nanjing" (hereinafter referred to as "the description"), saying that after the incident, Nanjing is the first to form a working group under the responsibility of the general manager of Nanjing to actively assist in solving medical problems and providing daily necessities and living expenses. Since then, it has been hoped to carry out multi-party joint supervision and authoritative testing of house air quality, but because of Ms. Chen's disapproval, it has not been carried out so far.

It is reported that the Nanjing Chen family through free rental last June, four months after staying in, 2 and a half years old son suffering from leukemia, 100 days later died of illness. After testing, the formaldehyde in the house she rented exceeded the standard, and Ms. Chen asked for a public apology and was refused.

In response, the company responded with ease and said that since the company was informed in December 2018, it has been deeply concerned and actively followed up. While helping Ms. Chen’s family to seek medical treatment, she checked the housing situation for the first time. The company did not renovate the property. Only when Ms. Chen stayed six months ago, she arranged basic furniture products. The relevant furniture has inspection and inspection reports, which are in compliance with the regulations. .

According to the free side, in July 2017, the owner completed the renovation of the house; On November 25, 2017, Nanjing freely accepted the entrustment of the house, only equipped with TV cabinets, sofas, wardrobes and other furniture supplies, related furniture have inspection reports, in accordance with the regulations; June 26, 2018, Ms. Chen signed the house; In December 2018, Ms. Chen contacted freely and informed of the matter; after February 2019, she said she continued to communicate with Ms. Chen's family, but regretted that no agreement had been reached on the matter so far.

In the "Description", it is also said that Nanjing has been providing various assistance to Ms. Chen and her family. She sincerely communicates and requests that the house be tested by professional institutions and scientifically analyze the cause. Based on the current facts, it is difficult for Nanjing to agree on the responsibility for the event and the huge claims made by Ms. Chen and her family.

Free response Nanjing tenant event not listing decoration configuration furniture compliance

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