KPMG Announces Global Technology Centers Outside Silicon Valley: New York First Beijing Second

[TechWeb] March 13, according to foreign media reports, in KPMG (KPMG) 's ranking of global technology centres outside Silicon Valley, New York ranked first, Beijing second, and London tied third with Tokyo.

London is seen as one of the most innovative cities in the world, according to a new report from the accounting firm's Center for technological Innovation.

Most of the interviewees interviewed by KPMG stated for the first time in their annual report that they expect Silicon Valley to lose its position as the largest technology innovation center in the next four years.

To write this report, KPMG interviewed 740 executives and technology investors. About 58% of respondents said they expect Silicon Valley to lose its leadership position, and New York is considered to be the most likely to surpass Silicon Valley to become the world's largest technology innovation center.

The UK technology industry attracted $7.9 billion in venture capital investment in 2018, outperforming the rest of Europe, according to a report released in December by, Tech Nation and Dealroom. (foxes)

KPMG announcement Silicon Valley beyond Global Technology Center ranking New York first

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