Dajiang passed the US audit. It meets the safety standards and there is no data rumor!


On July 9, the company issued a notice, saying that the custom-made version of the government-enterprise of the unmanned aerial vehicle has already obtained the official test and independent verification of the U.S. Ministry of the Interior, and the quasi-American Ministry of the Interior agreed with its agency to use the aircraft and software customized by the Ministry of the Interior to confirm that the aircraft is in accordance with the safety standards.

Great Xinjiang

DJI said that DJI and the US Department of the Interior have tested the Dajiang Matrice 600 Pro and Mavic Pro UAVs equipped with government firmware and software, and payload and data management have guaranteed performance for more than 15 months. After rigorous evaluation, approval was obtained.

"the Home Office report validates Dajiang's efforts to build software and hardware solutions that meet the changing data security needs of customers," said Mario Rebello, North America Vice President and Regional Manager. "DOI has a good record of leadership in the U. S. government because it can pragmatically evaluate and implement drone technology in a variety of applications. We thank them for their partnership and attach importance to collaborative efforts to help create a Greater Xinjiang drone solution. We look forward to continuing to support the Ministry of the Interior and other federal agencies through leading drone technology in Xinjiang. "

The results of the DOI study were published in the flight test and technical assessment report released last week. The main conclusions of the report include:

1. DOI has been working with Dajiang for more than two years and has created a solution that allows its offices to access high-quality off-the-shelf hardware in Dajiang, equipped with custom firmware and software to prevent intentional or unintentional data leakage.

2. The testing of the government version of the solution began in April 2018 as part of a three-phase testing program developed by DOI.

3. The test included 1,133 flights of the Dajiang Matrice 600 Pro drone for a total of 298 hours, and a total of 1,212 flight tests of 1,212 hours for the Davic Mavic Pro drone.

4. DOI collaborates with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Kennedy Space Center and other industry and federal partners with data management assurance testing expertise to conduct targeted assessments of government hardware, firmware and software.

5. During the test, there is no indication that the data is being transmitted out of the system, confirming that they are operating in a secure manner in accordance with the commitment of the Great People's Republic of China.

While DJI customers have complete control over the way they collect, store and transmit data generated by drones, the government's unique architecture ensures that drone data (including photos and videos captured during the flight) will never be Deliberately or accidentally shared with unauthorized parties. The solution is based on Dajiang's industry-leading UAV hardware, controlled by custom device firmware and operating software, with a unique architecture that supports high data security requirements:

No data transfer The locally enabled data mode in a custom Dajiang Pilot application prevents users from accidentally and even intentionally transferring data from the mobile application to a third party or a major border over the Internet.

Firmware Evaluation - Government agencies Aviation and IT can view firmware updates electronically before applying firmware updates to the fleet and have full control over how they are verified and when they are installed on DJI.

Restricted hardware pairing - UAVs and remotes running government solution firmware can only be linked to each other and not compatible with other off-the-shelf products, preventing the use of unsecure hardware and unauthorized third-party applications program.

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