Google introduced a new feature: voting on the map for restaurants to decide where to eat

Sina Science and Technology News on the afternoon of September 28, according to, the Taiwan media, for a group of relatives and friends, Deciding where to eat together is a tiring thing. This week, Google added a group-planning (group planning) to its mobile version of Google Maps, allowing users to share lists of selected restaurants with friends and relatives before voting on Google Maps. Simplify the procedure for a group of people to discuss where to party or eat.

Users can find out all kinds of possible restaurants on the map first, and then they can add a restaurant to the list after long pressing it. Assuming that five restaurants are selected, they can choose to share the list directly on Google Maps with various communication platforms. After friends and relatives receive the list, they can press the icon " Praise" or " Xun" to vote and present it on Google Maps.

Google says group planning is a handy tool when no one wants to make a decision or don't know where to go to dinner or party, which was deployed this week and supports both Android and iOS versions of Google Maps.

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