Who created Jie-Shang University in the 320 million days of jiggle gold mining tide?


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"The people who come here are all anxious. No one wants to break through their own cognition to know the vibrato." On July 7, the Hedgehog Commune participated in a presidential class opened by an education and training institution in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Three e-commerce businessmen from Hebei said that their ultimate goal was to “transform” and give their own Tmall Mall store by shaking their voices. Reverse the goods.

There are too many people like them, and now the high cost of drainage on the market makes them anxious, and they are eager to acquire new customers from new traffic channels. Vibrato is both a short video consumer artifact and a gold rush to a new batch of gold diggers. As a result, there have been several “shake-business universities” related to vibrato, but the most well-known “shake-business university” is the capital of China's e-commerce in Hangzhou.

On March 23 this year, the Doushang University also held an event called the World DouShang Conference. They said to the public that they had attracted nearly 5000 people.

"World Champion Conference" event site

The scene of the "World shaking Merchants Congress"

Johnny once was worried about the chaos of the scene, and once an accident, it would be possible to get into trouble. He is the chairman and principal of the buffeting university in hangzhou. But it's OK, the field is well controlled, and the "to be aware of the event" of many people is also achieved.

Under the tide of Douyin gold rush, they are both careful and want to make progress.

Douyin has really stirred up the original content pattern, starting in 2017, it has created its own world. People are so obsessed with it that some people hate it and criticize it on the other side. Even so, there is no way to deny that it has brought people into a new space from the three dimensions of content, business and culture. On July 9, Douyin released new data, saying more than 320 million people consume all kinds of short and live videos every day.

The network scale effect has been formed, on Douyin, perhaps a video can carry tens of millions of goods, say a word can let people pour into their own Taobao store. At first, no one cared about Douyin's gold absorption and diversion function, the more they became more chagrin, why did they not care about what they did not care about, now they have become the Nuggets Heights they yearn for?

On July 9, Douyin released the latest figures, with more than 320 million daily active users of Douyin.

Most of these people are traditional e-commerce businessmen, and they regret not getting on Douyin earlier.

But what about the shaking university? Is it directly related to the official of the vibrato? Who is Qiang Xiaoming? Why did he create a business university under the cusp?

With a series of questions, the author of the Hedgehog Commune conducted two consecutive months of investigations from Beijing to Hangzhou.

"speaking to people" has become one of the core points of knowledge emphasized by the lecturer.

Zhao Zhong runs his own e-commerce store in Tmall and Jingdong, specializing in office stationery. He is eager for a short video explosion, only the explosion can stimulate him, in order to bring him more goods.

He said in his reply session on July 7 that traditional ecommerce stores are feeling more and more tired, weak growth, and the cost of promotion has increased year by year, and it is time for them to have to transform, he said in his reply session on July 7, which said that traditional ecommerce shops are feeling more and more tired, and their growth is weak.

A month ago, he set up a new media department consisting of six people in the company, focusing on the production of content such as vibrato and Xiaohongshu. To a certain extent, they were born for vibrato and small red books.

Within a month, the department established 23 accounts in the vibrato, with a total of more than 30,000 fans and more than 30 videos, and received a few orders. Among them, 10 accounts for product introduction, no character IP; 6 accounts are mainly grass, with obvious character IP style.

Academic closing ceremony

Zhao Zhong felt that this was not enough. He wanted to step up efforts to increase the number of directors, copywriting, photography, editing, actors, and other division of labor on the basis of the existing number of people. It is estimated that 100000 yuan will be invested in salary payment, 100000 yuan for promotion, and 60, 000 yuan for equipment purchase.

"after listening to this afternoon's class, I feel that the style of the characters in my video is different from what I thought. I have some new ideas. When I go back, I have to plan it." Zhao Zhong said.

That afternoon, the lecturer at Douchang University used these rules to tell them how to build a character IP. One of the most important ideas is to set up an IP image, that is, to create an independent IP memory, to create a sense of trust in the work, to narrow the distance with fans, and to shorten the realization chain.

The first step is to increase exposure, video to attract public attention, cause extensive discussion, get fan traffic. "the popular style is designed to provide a traffic threshold for the next video." The lecturer believes that fashion should not be an accidental event, but a cumulative outbreak, each fashion style is providing the next video with the opportunity to become popular.

The second step is to build memory consciousness in the user's mind, which can break through four aspects:image, emotion, logic and action. The third step is very important. To establish the trust relationship between the content and the user, the video is better able to reflect the coexistence value, establish the relationship without damage to the interests, and to have certain follow-up, so that other people can easily mimic and cause the explosion. Step 4, it is about realization and needs to release a specific price point at a certain time to meet the user's consumption will.

But not everything needs to be done. The lecturer studied Douyin thoroughly from psychology, behavior, business management, marketing and so on, and the concentration of classroom information was very high.

There are more than 30 people on the scene. They sell stationery, mobile phone cases, hot shoes and towel. Instructors tell them that once they think of a differentiated idea, they must not spend a lot of time thinking about its feasibility, no matter what the result, must be executed immediately. The new ideas are updated too fast, and the original popular ideas are likely to become the product of trend abandonment.

Classroom scene

The lecturer warned the students in the class, the video "easy to understand is very important! You have to use a kind of words that others know and others can understand." "I am here today to lecture, talk about operations, tell the truth, very professional. The term, it is estimated that you can't understand, it is easy to collapse, and you will say, 'What the teacher said!'

“Speaking words” became one of the core knowledge points emphasized by this lecturer. A practitioner who turned from the traditional e-commerce industry to vibrate, the short video he and the team shot before was too refined. "We will be very concerned about the angle, the intention, the values ​​to express these things, the picture quality is particularly good", before the shoot Still have to do a variety of "project evaluation."

He hesitated. "Look now, some are forced."

After listening to the three-day course, he felt that he was wrong. The videos were taken according to the standards of the film. The vibrato has its own rules. He should follow the rules of vibrato.

He is right, Douyin has its own rules. 2019 Douyin Enterprise Blue V Ecological Plan White Paper says: now that screens and people begin to converge biologically, the new generation is completely used to the way "touch screen", "mobile vertical screen" and "anytime and anywhere" interaction, and the distance between people and screens is getting closer and closer, and we are or are still becoming "mobile people."

Users are no longer satisfied with basic behaviors such as viewing, downloading, and expression. They begin to grow together with communicators and content, and seek emotional attribution and value recognition in content consumption. In this process, user groups will gradually form unique platform discourses. system.

Qiang Xiaoming said in his reply, "the most important thing in our class is to let everyone get rid of the mental cognition. Many cases can directly reflect 'what did you see'. Why did you write it in your PPT?" Why is it the object of your reference? After answering these questions, you can see what you have learned these days. "

"do you think these three days of class will be useful to you?" The hedgehog commune asked a student from Hebei.

"useful is useful, but I used to brush and play before, never thought of using Douyin to drain my Tmall store." After that, he asked, is this the only one in the country who does Douyin training? Do Douyin officials do such training?

A student next to him interjected. "There are quite a lot of training for vibrato, but they are more famous." The student made a look. "You think about the conference of nearly 5,000 people, the influence is too great."

"Do you know who led the conference?"

"It seems to be a water mirror teacher. It is also his partner with several partners."

What happened to the "World Shaking Conference" of nearly 5,000 people?

On the day of March 23, the old rice got up early.

He is an e-commerce veteran who lives in the urban area of ​​Hangzhou and is going to participate in the "World Champion Conference." The conference was held in Xiasha District of Hangzhou, close to Zhejiang Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and far from Hangzhou. However, if foreigners fly to Hangzhou to attend the conference, it will be convenient, only half an hour's drive.

He was late and the road was congested. Going to the conference site, I looked at it at a glance, not to mention the seat, and I didn't even find the place where I stood. Originally, the organizer gave him a position in front of the venue, and now even the body is a problem. He wanted to find a clean place to watch the live broadcast of the conference, but a friend who was not in the front row said that he had a position nearby and he squeezed it.

"there are more meetings, and I also have some experience. The bigger the meeting, the harder it will be to hear practical information, because there are too many people, it is difficult to adjust, and I can only listen to some basic things." Later, he shared his experience and feelings of attending the conference on Weibo.

Conference guests around the Douyin ecological statements, some explained the theory, some provided methodology, some beat chicken blood, some dazzled muscles.

These contents don't sound particularly high. "If you ask me, do you want to participate in this kind of conference? My answer is to participate." The explanation given by Lao Mi is: You are not on the scene, you can't feel the frequency. That kind of atmosphere can't resonate with more than 4,000 people on the scene.

He also has a cognitive change: when you enter the atmosphere of the conference, you will deeply believe that Douyin has entered the explosive period, you have to keep up, just watch the live broadcast, it is difficult for you to experience so deeply.

He summed up a sentence: what he saw and changed changed his life, and he wasted his life unconsciously.

With regard to Douyin, he is convinced that the Douyin wave offers greater and more sustainable opportunities than the community. Up to now, the wave of Douyin has already begun.

This judgment of Lao Mi coincides with the understanding of Qiang Xiaoming, who sees the rise of the vibrato as a new opportunity to achieve him. He is a traditional electric businessman. I missed the era of Wei business, and now I am in the era of shaking business, he does not want to miss it.

"now that the whole ecology is still in its infancy, we can redo all the previous businesses in other areas, whether it's training, acting on behalf of companies, attracting investment, or outsourcing customer service." And Qiang Xiaoming and his team chose Douyin ecological chain training this link.

March 23 th was the first day they set sail in full swing. That day, Qiang Xiaoming was not easy.

Within the Chaoshang University, they called the World Conference of the Merchants Conference “3·23 Conference”. On the night before the conference, Qiang Xiaoming lived in the hotel where the conference was held. “Interact with the guests, look at the venue, prepare Some basic work."

That night, he was very panicked.

"We are worried that there will be no room for a lot of people to sit at the meeting the next day. Will there be a commotion or any other accident?" A few days before the convention, they shut down the ticketing system ahead of time, and too many people bought tickets. "We can't stop the car anymore. A lot of friends are coming. We'll tell people not to come. I'm sure we can't stand up."

Qiang Xiaoming speaks at the World Conference

He predicted that there would be 2,000 people on the scene who did not have a seat, and they all stood and even stood at no place.

Sure enough, the next day, "Many of my friends said that they were pushed out and could not get in. We are worried that such a meeting will be a mess, and if it is a mess, it may be a mass incident." In order to avoid this risk, the public security department also sent some police officers to station in the venue.

More and more people are crowded, the scene is crowded, 50% of the participants come from the traditional e-commerce field, 30% are WeChat practitioners, 20% are people in other fields, and even some government tourism staff. They want to know what Douyin can bring them.

"everyone else is making Douyin. You say I'm not doing it?" A traditional ecommerce practitioner said he had never thought Douyin could bring it to himself, but now it's different. He also wants to join Douyin.

Qiang Xiaoming was the first person to speak at the 3. 23 th Congress. He said that "Doushang University" hopes to make a connection point in the commercialization of short video ecology, a channel that can learn from each other, learn from each other's strengths, and an educational institution that can empower each other and guide each other.

In the following guest speakers, they shared key words related to traffic, cash flow, enthusiasm, and trends. The group of people are vibrato gold diggers. They hope that through the video, the brand will be “personalized”, build emotions with users, and realize character links through vibrato.

This conference is not all the cards in Qiang Xiaoming's hand, it is just the front end of the business logic chain of Shang University, and the back end is education and training. "the purpose of our conference is to promote 'shake big'. We can't make much money selling tickets and can only do education."

However, Douyin issued a statement on March 23 that Douyin officials had never authorized any "buffeting" related activities, nor had they ever cooperated with "DouShang" related activities, and that "DouShang" related activities and publicity had nothing to do with Douyin, according to a message replying to hedgehog commune on the beat of bytes. Qiang Xiaoming confirmed to the hedgehog commune that they did not cooperate directly with Douyin officials. However, the bytes beat their own "Douyin marketing creative class" series of courses.

Jinri Toutiao suggests that Douyin officials have never authorized any "shaking business" related activities.

There are many training institutions that rely on vibrato, such as Chaoshang University. There are countless vibrato gold diggers who are eager for this gold rush. After the announcement of the opening of the Enterprise Blue V program, the brand's demand for vibrato has been elevated to a new node. They even put themselves in it and imagined their future success.

Vibrating Enterprise Blue V is a comprehensive asset management platform that can operate in this system by doing content, interacting with fans, doing marketing conversions, aggregating traffic, and managing data. The company has called it "the most cutting-edge enterprise marketing new species."

Last October, the 2018 Douyin Blue V Ecological Conference was held in Beijing. Enterprise Blue V evolved towards the direction of "industry ecology. Douyin is no longer a simple short video consumption platform, but put its vision on" co-building marketing ecology. "

Fang Qiang is a partner of Qiang Xiaoming. They met at the Black Horse Entrepreneurship Camp last year and have had in-depth exchanges. The former has a lot of research and achievements in brand equity management. He told Qiang Xiaoming that judging from the asset point of view, Douyin will bring a new business ecology, just as Taobao led e-commerce and WeChat led to WeChat.

In both areas, several companies that provide basic services have been successfully listed. In about two hours of interview time, Qiang Xiaoming has been hanging them verbally.

In the second half of last year, Qiang Xiaoming organized an e-commerce education training in Guangzhou. Fang Qiang went to the scene and said, "I have never attended training for eight days and seven nights. How can there be so many things to talk about?"

"E-commerce is such a thing to talk about, the entire eight days and seven nights, you can also create a team with strong practical and cognitive ability." Qiang Xiaoming is very confident.

Seeing that Qiang Xiaoming was so confident, Fang Qiang suggested, "you did so well in training. Do you think we can do training for Douyin?"

It seems that it can be done.

Go to college in Anhui Province and work in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Who's the water mirror?

In fact, the water mirror is strong Xiaoming. That is his flower name, taken from the Three Kingdoms, used in class.

Here's the story about Qiang Xiaoming. All along, his growth environment is very stable, there are no twists and turns.

When I was a child, my parents were doing business outside. He was placed in aunt's house and family to live and go to school. There are many teachers in the family, including aunts and aunts. Their gentle personality, coupled with strong Xiaoming's academic performance is better, has been praised by the people around, has gradually become a very sensible, very well-behaved people.

Wisdom and dexterity do not mean obedience. His "obedience" began in high school, which many adolescent children will have.

"I didn't study much in high school, and I didn't study much in college. I don't want to be tagged as a good person all the time. " But when it comes to treason, he's not the most rebellious, just playing games and bubble Internet cafes in college.

Don't underestimate the significance and value of these actions. In Qiang Xiaoming's original growth experience of more than a decade, he has never seen these new things. They have made Qiang Xiaoming begin to build a self-consciousness. "want to do something different, touch the computer, touch the game, this kind of thing can immerse people in it."

It's good to be with the computer. If you go out and hang out with a gangster, he may not be the chairman of Doushang University today. He always believes in what circle can nourish the living. At first, the college classmate who played computer with him, now, some have gone to Tencent, some have gone to YY. He felt that he had chosen the right circle.

The chairman of the buffeting university and the principal are strong and small.

Qiang Xiaoming, a native of Anhui Province, majored in computer science at a university in Anhui Province. When he graduated in 2009, he happened to run into the 2008 financial crisis and was difficult to find a job.

Zhejiang is next door to Anhui, the former ranks at the top of the country in economic development, strong appeal, absorbing workers from all over the country. At that time, more than a dozen students of Qiang Xiaoming felt that Hangzhou had a run, and they all went. "the roommate said, let's go to Hangzhou and say who's here, and we'll come."

To Hangzhou, there are three ways to go, professional counterparts, to do software, do hardware; professional wrong, to do sales. "I play every day in college, and if you let me do a professional job, it's annoying." But sales he can not do, born less, introverted personality, not good at communication and expression, like quiet, a person alone often read the online novel Kyushu ethereal record.

Hangzhou is China's ecommerce capital, e-commerce industry is very developed, e-commerce atmosphere is strong, Qiang Xiaoming wants to try the "fourth way", he sent resumes to many ecommerce companies.

Soon, he received an interview offer from a home appliance company. After he went there, he discovered that he was selling online glasses and needed someone who could deal with computers. Dealing with the computer, this he will, and his professional side also.

He was not rejected by the company and was quickly placed in a customer service position. "Sell glasses on the Internet? How do you sell this?" He felt that everything in front of him was novel. From the customer service staff, the warehouse staff, to the operator, the head of the operation department, has been rising. There, he sprouted and cultivated the most primitive e-commerce thinking and entrepreneurial thinking.

In 2013, he and several friends decided to start a business and act as a brand marketing agent. He has friends to run the company on behalf of one or two thousand people, desperately pick up the business, do broken again, and then brag and pick up again, very hard, but make a lot of money, if the times do not need them, shut down the company, to do other money-making work.

This requires them to be good at dealing with people.

"I'm a person who's afraid of dealing with the outside world, so I don't want to serve too many clients, and my partners are very introverted." But to set up a company, not everyone because of their introverted, do not talk to people business ah. "if I'm the boss, then I have to go out, and I just think, I don't have to pick up people. I'll raise the price."

At first, his service charge was very high, small companies did not like them, but big brand companies poured in. Wufangzhai in Zhejiang and Daoxiang Village in Beijing all came to work with them to cooperate with them and launched several large brand activities one after another.

But the requirements for cooperation are not low.

The conflict of cognitive differences between people will be magnified in class.

If you are an e-commerce provider, you must know a group called Taobao. In 2016, Qiang Xiaoming fought a conference dedicated to Taobao.

This is the case.

The organizer Huamei Food found them and wanted to sell goods on the e-commerce platform. “We cooperated with Huamei for the first time that year. We set a goal for ourselves. We want to sell 300,000 orders a day and do it through the Taobao model. "Let Taobao help them to sell goods."

Huamei Food had just been transformed into online power, the whole Taobao guest circle did not know this brand, "flow owners do not recognize, we want to achieve 300000 of the target, then how to do?"

Qiang Xiaoming thought of an idea.

Convene all the opinion leaders inside and outside the circle to open a meeting. "Put the player's strength higher, put the brand out, let everyone concentrate on cognition. I have to visit one by one, it is too difficult, so many people, How can I have so much time? And, meeting alone is not enough."

It is not enough to have such an idea. You have to have a good name. Find a place with a forced case, and the location should be in Beijing. They thought about several places, including the National Convention Center, and finally chose the Bird's Nest.

The Bird's Nest is really high enough. although tickets are free and 300 places are open, the leaders of the circle are invited to spread in the circle of friends, but he is also worried about whether anyone will come. "We are actually a brand promotion meeting. If people think it is of little value to listen to this meeting, think of it as a trip."

On the day of the event, there were more than 500 people. In the later publicity materials, the event was called "Beijing Bird's Nest x First Internet Super Traffic Conference".

When doing this kind of activity for the second time, Qiang Xiaoming’s ambitions swelled. The goal was to make 500,000 singles a day, and the number of participants was 800-1000.

But where do people come from? He is not worried about this problem at all, and looks for people directly from Taobao live broadcast and Taobao station.

In 2016, it was the era of “Public Entrepreneurship and Innovative Innovation”. How the entrepreneurial projects have mushroomed, and the capital market has ushered in a cold winter. Many emerging brands are facing bottlenecks in the development of traffic, conversion and cost.

But also in 2016, live broadcast developed rapidly, a large number of live broadcast platforms emerged, new traffic channels rose, and the dual-core traffic positions of WeChat and Weibo were split. After more than a year of development, a large number of new traffic subjects similar to network celebrities and anchors have been derived, and the market is full of high hunger for content and traffic.

In mid-2017, Qiang Xiaoming took the opportunity to launch a new conference, this time moving the main battlefield to Hangzhou.

"about 1400 people arrived that day." "in fact, both meetings were vertical. That is to say, the Internet promotion circle, or in a simple e-commerce promotion circle. " The conference was called "Hangzhou G20 venue x second Internet Super Traffic Master Conference."

With the experience of manipulating the two conferences, the next large conferences have come to the fore. They use the same methodology and once again prove the practicality of past experience in another field.

The General Assembly called the "World Chatter General Assembly" and, through the General Assembly, in the field of e-commerce and micro-commerce had rung up the name of their education and training institutions. Take the potential of short video, clear the sound of the sound of the sound of the sound, and optimize the operation of getting the flow on the dithered sound.

Qiang Xiaoming teaches on a course

When Qiang Xiaoming did training, he found that people from all kinds of industries wanted to squeeze into Douyin's golden track and get a piece of the pie, but many people still don't know how to play Douyin. Once, "I told a dozens-year-old man that he didn't even know where the Douyin merchandise window was." "Douyin is too new for them."

But the vibrating sound of this popular short video app is too tempting. More than 320 million people put their attention on it every day. Every month, 500 million people watch video shopping on it, and they can sell 6,000 in 40 or 50 days. 10,000 single goods, it is difficult to achieve this result in Taobao.

I'm afraid I can't believe that I can't believe it. In 2018, when he first comes into contact with the buffeting, he doesn't watch the buffeting, and the reason for this conclusion is not to shake the sound, but he can't read it.

In June last year, people often shook in front of him. Those people said that the vibrato sound was very fun, and he also downloaded one. "I found that it was not the case, there was no time to play, we did business, no time, no energy, and then uninstalled."

It wasn't long before they worked as e-commerce and heard that Douyin could advertise and that advertising was cheap. He had a company that sold chicken breast, and his colleagues in charge of ecommerce went to Douyin to put in an advertisement. They found that it was not as good as others said, and the data was very poor, so they stopped.

In November, he went to a training institution, a new circle that jumped away from his established circle, where he met many people who looked at the vibrato from different perspectives, including his current company partner.

"We didn't enter the content system of vibrato. I don't know the rules and gameplay of vibrato. In the simplest terms, the ads I put on are more suitable for Taobao. The gloss and angle are very good, but the users of vibrato like interesting products. Cleverly implanted video." Qiang Xiaoming came to a conclusion that good content can bring you huge traffic on the vibrato; bad content, you will not be able to vote more ads.

He was once in a state of cognitive disorder, and it took some time to understand the vibrato.

“Vibrato is a new species. We listen to different people in the same classroom and listen to the knowledge about vibrato. The cognition difference between the crowd and the crowd will be magnified.” This is the training of Qiang Xiaoming. Afterwards, the places that felt the deepest, they could not see clearly, and they were eager to see clearly. This state can also be seen in the class on July 7.

Training course site

“Vibrato has formed its core culture model through strong operation methods and algorithm distribution. So, what do you think is the marketing essence of Vibrato?” On July 7, the lecturer asked the students present, some of the students were very active. Some are unwilling to speak.

After a while, some people raised their hands and said, "The essence of vibrato is realizing"; others say, "It should be to meet the needs of users and meet the needs of those who brush and shake."

“Does anyone think that the marketing essence of vibrato is not realized?... You spent thousands of dollars to attend classes.” The lecturer was anxious, and no one answered to answer his questions. actively.

The scene was quiet for a while, and one of the students stood up and said, "We are doing vibrato. I just want to circle the fans and do more things for me."

"Do more things, for what?"

"do more to realize."

He hesitated for a moment. "No, I think it's making my business last longer."

The lecturer finally gave his answer: our core purpose and the marketing nature should be to preempt the user's time. (In addition to the name of the strong and the strong, the others are the aliases)

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