Baidu map on the line "Wandering Earth" MOSS voice package: original sound original

On February 27th, Baidu Map official website Weibo announced that the "Wandering Earth" pilot space station artificial intelligence MOSS voice package was officially launched!

This time, Baidu invited Liu Wei, the voice actor of MOSS, to the 729 sound studio. The original sound is the same as the fans of "The Wandering Earth".

Then Liu Wei also forwarded the microblog of Baidu map, and a sentence of "spoiler" voice package: "MOSS prompts you, please be sensible, pay attention to driving safety."

It should be noted that the MOSS voice package requires Baidu map 10.12.0 and above to be used.

Liu Wei's masterpiece has an animated "Silver tomb" Lu Youqi, the game "Watching Pioneer" Doom Tekken and so on. The radio drama "Silent Reading" Luo Wenzhou. In 2019, the voice of the artificial intelligence Moss was dubbed in the movie "The Wandering Earth."

Before that, Amap announced on February 12 that he would join Amap's driving navigation and lorry navigation with the famous lines of "vagrant Earth": "thousands of roads, the first safe road, irregular driving, and two tears from relatives."

Baidu map online vagrant earth MOSS voice bag original sound original taste

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