Tencent's short video app yoo video changed its name to hot pot video


[TechWeb] on May 5, Tencent's short video product, yoo Video, announced a brand upgrade to change its name to "hot pot video." Yoo Video has also changed its name to hot pot video, while the official yoo website page also appears as hot pot video. Search for yoo video in all major app stores, and search interfaces that appear on the, App Store, Android app store for hot pot video to search and download hot pot video. In the historical version, we found that there are still features such as yoo video.

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In addition to the change of name, we found that hot pot video in the functional innovation. With the recommendation of yoo video, focus on two-module different, hot pot video, film and television, games, variety and other dozens of channels.

Earlier, on March 29 this year, it was reported that the short video matrix of Tencent had been adjusted and that the yoo video business team had been abolished and incorporated into microvision and Tencent Video. Tencent said the yoo video business team adjustment belongs to the company's internal normal organizational structure adjustment.

Tencent affiliate short video app yoo video rename hot pot video

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