Titanium Media Pro Venture Capital Daily: 19 investment and financing projects included on March 13


March 13, 2019, as of 21:00 today, Dr. Titanium Robot detected 19 cases of investment and financing or mergers and acquisitions in the technology and Internet industries, of which 3 occurred in China and 16 were overseas. The total transaction value exceeds 3.141 billion yuan.

In China, the total investment and financing of the technology industry today is about 290 million yuan. The single largest transaction occurred in the medical and health industry. The financing company was Hangzhou Yunhu Network Technology Co., Ltd., with a transaction amount of RMB 135 million.

In terms of industry distribution, health accounted for 46.59 percent, or about 135 million, of total financing, followed by intelligent hardware (34.46 percent, about 100 million) and shopping (18.95 percent, about 55 million), according to titanium media Pro.

Investment and financing in the overseas technology industry totaled about $422 million, with the largest single transaction occurring in the Internet applications and services industry, with companies receiving financing amounting to as much as $150 million in Cloudflare, transactions.

In terms of sector distribution, Internet applications and services accounted for 48.23% of total financing, about US $203 million, followed by enterprise applications (30.67%, about US $129 million) and living services (17.55%, about US $74 million). Transportation (2.37 percent, about $10 million), media (0.71 percent, about $3 million), and express logistics (0.47 percent, about $2 million).

According to Titanium Media Pro analysis, from the perspective of regional distribution, the United States is the country with the most investment and financing transactions today, with 11 cases totaling about 267 million US dollars, and the second and third place being Italy (1 case, about 5135.24 million US dollars) and Israel (1, about 50 million US dollars).

Table: March 13, 2019 Investment and Financing Events in Science and Technology at Home and Abroad (Titanium Media Pro Tabulation)

[List of investment and financing events]

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Titanium Media Pro Venture Capital Daily March 13th included investment and financing 19

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