Fearing about 5G electromagnetic radiation, some residents of Finland are trying to stop the expansion of 5G base stations


[TechWeb] March 13, according to foreign media reports, telecommunications operators and telecommunications equipment companies are deploying large numbers of 5G base stations to speed up the commercial use of 5G, although the deployment of 5G base stations has also encountered obstacles in some countries. Some Finnish residents are trying to stop the expansion of the 5G base station because of concerns about electromagnetic radiation from the 5G base station.

Finnish resident Helena Ertz et al. demanded that Finland ban 5G mainly because of concerns about electromagnetic radiation from 5G base stations, which they believe are denser than current 4G base stations, and that residents are more likely to be exposed to potentially dangerous electromagnetic radiation. Thus threatening human health.

In addition, these Finnish residents also believe that the spectrum used by 5G technology is also harmful to humans. Although scientists and doctors in many countries do not agree with this view, Finnish residents such as Helena Ertz still ignore it.

In the process of 5G development, it is not only Finland that has encountered obstacles from some residents, but also other countries in Europe and the United States. Foreign media reported that small groups in some European and American cities had called for a ban or delay in the deployment of the 5G network pending research on the potential impact of new technologies on human health.

But unlike other European countries, Finland, which owns Nokia, a world-renowned manufacturer of communications equipment, is at the forefront of research and development and applications of mobile-communications cutting-edge technologies, as well as in 5G. They were one of the first countries to start the 5G test. In June last year, Finnish telecom operator Elisa launched its 5G commercial network, one of the world's earliest carriers to launch 5G networks, with the exception of the 5G, which is in progress. Finland is also working on 6G research and development, which began a year ago. (chili)

Worried 5G electromagnetic radiation Finland residents trying blocking 5G base station expansion

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