Cook shows Apple's new headquarters restaurant: full of technology.

IT House August 16 Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, shared a video of Apple's new headquarters restaurant on Twitter showing two giant electric landing glass doors that can be opened automatically for ventilation.

QQ screenshot 20180816161732

Cook said in his tweet: " lunch time in apple park becomes more exciting. "

Apple also uses similar structures and plenty of glass in its retail stores to remove artificial barriers between the interior and the exterior. For example, the company's San Francisco flagship store uses sliding glass doors similar to Apple Park to achieve a fully open effect.

Apple park, formerly known as " campus 2," was first unveiled by the late co-founder Steve jobs in 2011. The large-scale construction began in 2014. apple announced in early 2017 that it will use apple park as the official name of its new headquarters and said that it expects all 12,000 employees to move in before the end of the year.

Cook show apple headquarters restaurant technical sense full

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