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Titanium Media Newsletter | Nov. 28: at the Xiaomi AIoT developer Conference held today, Xiaomi released four major cooperation in one go, and advanced in the AI IoT field to enter the three major areas of business travel, automobile, and home fitting. It also announced the launch of 100 million yuan of funds to create a developer incentive program.

At the beginning of the conference, Lei Jun first appeared. He first sighed, thanking the historical process, thanking the mobile Internet era, and letting Xiaomi stand at the top of the AioT industry from the very beginning.

AIoT is the core strategy of Xiaomi

As early as 2014, Xiaomi began to set up a department to engage in IoT connection modules, and then set up Xiaomi Ecological Chain Department to incubate investment and innovation companies in the IoT field.

Less than five years ago, Xiaomi invested and hatched 220 eco-chain companies, of which more than 100 focused on smart hardware and consumer goods, and Huami and Yunmi were independently listed. In the consumer goods category such as Xiaomi bracelet, air purifier and balance car, the Xiaomi ecological chain has created many world firsts.

In terms of overall performance, the Xiaomi IoT platform now supports 2000 devices, with more than 132 million smart device connections. In the field of consumer equipment, this is a well-deserved number one in the world, leading Amazon, Google and other global giants.

Lei Jun said that the reason why Xiao Ai is popular is not only intelligent voice assistant, but also the ability to connect various IoT devices. Xiao Ai’s cumulative activation equipment is 100 million units, with a total of 8 billion wake-ups and more than 34 million monthly active users.

Hand in hand IKEA, millet power home, business travel, travel field

At the meeting, Xiaomi and IKEA officially announced a global strategic cooperation.

Beginning in December, all IKEA smart light products will be connected to the Xiaomi IoT platform. Users can use IKEA, Mijia App, etc. to control IKEA smart light products, and can realize IKEA smart lights and Xiaomi IoT smart devices, such as sensors. , household appliances, the scene linkage between. IKEA smart light products will be directly connected to the Xiaomi Gateway through the ZigBee protocol. Anna Pawlak-Kuliga, President of IKEA Retail China, said: This is the first time IKEA has reached a cooperation with China Science and Technology Innovation Corporation. In the home industry, IKEA is a deeply rooted brand and its business model has gained global recognition. But in the face of new technologies, new trends, and the speed of China's development, IKEA is also undergoing a strategic transformation.

In addition to Ikea, Xiaomi also announced cooperation with All Seasons, car and Home, Love Space. In Shanghai Hongqiao Center Hotel, Xiaomi and the whole season jointly developed a smart hotel system, adopted a full set of Xiaomi smart home solutions, customers can use Xiao Ai to adjust lighting, temperature, hotel information and so on. Xiao Ai and car and home in-depth cooperation, together to create Xiao Ai car-borne solutions, car-borne voice "new experience." Love space is launched millet intelligent lighting package.

The relevant person in charge of Xiaomi said that all this is only the beginning. In the future, in more fields and more scenes, there will be more cooperation and more imagination.

Xiaomi fully opens AIOT and invests 100 million yuan to set up a developer fund

Xiaomi also launched a developer incentive plan. Xiaomi will build the “Millet AIOT Developer Fund” and invest 100 million yuan in advance to motivate AI skills developers, hardware equipment manufacturers and AI technology companies.

According to this disclosure of data. As of November 5, the Xiaomi IoT platform has connected more than 132 million smart devices in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, with more than 20 million daily active users and up to 80 billion device requests per day. In addition, relying on the Xiaomi IoT platform, Xiaomi AI intelligent assistant Xiao Ai accumulates about 100 million activation devices, with the number of monthly active users exceeding 34 million and the cumulative number of wake-up times exceeding 8 billion.

According to reports, over the past year Xiaomi IoT platform access to 1000 third-party products, Xiaoai Open platform has more than 1000 enterprise developers, more than 7000 individual developers, with the participation of many developers, Xiao Ai has more than 1300 skills.

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Hand in hand IKEA millet power home field investment billion set up developer fund titanium newsletter

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