Huang, the CEO of China's Technology and Technology, Huang, Huang-wei: No.1, Huangshan, is currently in use for future or open cooperation.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Huami Technology held a new product launch conference, releasing two new products, AMAZFIT Mi Healthy Watch and AMAZFIT Smart Watch. Both products are equipped with Huami Technology's release of AI chip Huangshan No. 1 last year, marking the official commercialization of its self-developed AI chip.

According to officials, the modular Huangshan No. 1 data, which uses RISC-V architecture, can run within the device, avoiding communication delays in cloud computing. Its AlwaysOn module can automatically carry sensor data to SRAM, and through neural network system, carry out separate operation integration, timely feedback operation results, so that power consumption can be greatly reduced, intelligent devices can have longer standby, faster processing speed and longer service life.

Huang Wang, founder and chairman of Huami Technology, did not disclose the mass production of Huangshan 1 in an interview with Phoenix New Media and other media after the meeting, but said that more product lines would use their own Huangshan 1 AI chips to enable these products to have medical and health monitoring capabilities.

Huang Wang told that smart watches are an emerging industry. At present, Huangshan No. 1 is more applied to its own products. However, he also said that all the cooperation of Huami Technology is open, and the possibility of cooperation with other manufacturers is not ruled out in the future. "Any manufacturer can openly discuss issues and find a win-win situation, while collaborating and competing." Huang Wang said.

As one of Xiaomi Group's ecological chain enterprises, Huami Technology has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2017. In the first quarter of this year, its shipments of wearable products reached 5.6 million units, with revenue of 799.6 million yuan, up 36.5 percent from the same period last year, and a net profit of more than 95 million yuan. Of this, Huami's own brand AMAZFIT and other revenue rose 62 percent, accounting for 41.3 percent of overall revenue.

In the interview, Huang Wang said that in the field of bracelets, Huami and Xiaomi have always been hard-core partners, while the watch field has its own brand high school and low-end layout. He said that Huami Technology does not have a KPI index to achieve a certain proportion of its own brand, but to be an all-rounder, not only to do channels, but also to strengthen ecological construction.

"When listed, Huami Technology will face even greater challenges today. Its rivals are giants, such as Apple, and even face the mobile phone giant in the future." Huang Wang said. He believes that Huami has its own first-mover advantage in sports health, and has also been increasing investment in research and development and ecological construction.

Huami Science and Technology CEO Huangwang Huangshan No. 1 Chip self-use Future opening Cooperation

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