Seriously, I want to throw away my graduation thesis.

Seriously, I want to throw my graduation thesis.

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Walking on the road of graduation thesis, I saw that you have already reported the questions from the arrest, a few words, and the bitterness of the waters.

You think, there should be no big problem with the fifteen-minute reply in front of you.

You don't know, sitting down watching your defense teacher, holding your sloppy paper, listening to your grotesque blowing water, in fact, I want you to go back to the furnace and redo it, and reread it in college.?

But after all, most teachers suppressed their impulses and retained their emotional points-it was not easy for the child to go to college, and it was cruel for him to graduate from the reply card.

However, there are always glass students, do not write a good paper, reply by the teacher criticized a few words, but also blame the teacher "read too carefully."

Please, reading a university is not a child's play. If you are too watery, don't blame the teacher for being too strict.

First, who read this paper and didn't want to throw it away?

Classmate, your paper is so badly prepared that the teacher can't listen to it. You'll be so angry that you won't even listen to your hands.

A few days ago, at the scene of the defense of the graduates of Huanong Pearl River College, a male teacher severely criticized the students on the stage and threw the paper at the students.

Among the two students who were thrown papers, one study of "Dream of Red Mansions" but an episode of "Dream of Red Mansions" has not been seen. Another study is eight, but I have not had a special eight.

Later, the video caused widespread dissemination, and the teacher in the video also responded: he did not mean harm to the students, did not look down on the students, just want to improve the paper.

Some people think that the teacher's public criticism and throwing away papers, disrespect the students, may cause a lifelong shadow for the students.

Especially the action of "throwing papers" is a bit too much.

Some people stand on the side of the teacher and think that if their papers are not working, don't blame the teacher for throwing your papers.

The teacher’s student jumped out and spoke: The teacher is a man with strict rigor and a knife, and although he is criticized, he will eventually graduate.

Similar things happened at Lishui College last year. Compared with teacher Wang scolding you but still let you graduate operation, Lishui College this Ling teacher can take a lot more seriously. He shot the student's paper directly at the defense scene and asked the student to reply twice.

Teacher Ling recalled the student's thesis. The student's graduation thesis was titled "The Law and Meaning in the Book". However, he found that the paper was not only very irregular in format, but also had no endnote in the text. References are not even relevant to the paper.

Classmate, what do you think of the teacher?

What surprised him even more was that the main content of this "literary paper" did not even belong to the literary category. Most of the scientific problems in the trisomy were discussed, which belonged to the category of Astrophysics, and there was little real discussion in the article. It is just copying some Astrophysical theories and expressing the admiration of the authors. Even in the field of Astrophysics, there are still many fallacies.

On the day of the defense, Ms. Ling negotiated with the responding group and decided that the paper was unqualified at the scene and the student failed to pass the defense.

If the thesis defense is not passed, a second reply can be made. Figure / Chongqing Evening News

You know best how the paper is written. From the moment you decide to treat your paper carelessly, be ready to be criticized by your teacher.

The paper did not pass, the teacher really did not back.

Second, the teacher: Do you think I want to urge you to write a thesis?

To tell you the truth, the person who abandoned the paper first is not the teacher who dropped the paper, but the student himself.

In the face of an important answer to the undergraduate graduation, how many people just think about getting away with the customs and going through the process is all right.

In contrast, the teacher who carefully urges you to write a thesis and listen carefully to your reply, but who is vocal, is the victim.

If the day of "cancellation of undergraduate thesis" is really on the agenda, it is estimated that the first thing that is happy is not the students, but the teachers who are afflicted by all kinds of wonderful and irresponsible papers.

Teacher: You passed the classmate.


At this time last year, Professor Liu Ying of Capital University of Economics and Trade said on Weibo: "I have just read four undergraduate papers. I agree with the proposal to cancel undergraduate papers, because today's undergraduates are different from those 30 years ago, both in terms of training goals and group characteristics. It really doesn't make much sense for undergraduates to write papers today. "

The euphemistic expression of this rhetoric, I do not know how many university teachers have revealed:

Now undergraduate papers are written at this level of spicy chicken, it is better not to write. Compared with college students more than 30 years ago, today's students' subject literacy is not just a grade. Let undergraduate students mass produce these text garbage, teachers are tormented to students, why not?

A teacher at Hubei University also wrote a book titled "The Death of an Undergraduate Graduation Thesis in the Eyes of a Liberal Arts Teacher", revealing the full helplessness between the lines.

On the one hand, students are more and more unable to understand the writing of students' papers, and students are mostly perfunctory from attitude to operation. On the other hand, they are worried that their "hard spirit", "not giving", "rewriting" and other strict requirements will make current college students can not bear it at all.

At the scene of the graduation reply, who was not worried and trembled on and off the stage?

It takes courage for the off-stage teacher to drop the student's paper on stage.

This is a hard wake-up call for students, which may be useful to make students aware of mistakes; it is also likely to be futile, not only by students shouting grievances, but also by others as losing their teachers' morality.

But the fall paper is definitely a high-risk action.

Falling off his student's paper is equivalent to hitting his face. If you drop a paper from someone else's student, are you not going to go with another instructor?

Such a gain outweighs the loss, in fact, in the university is not most of the phenomenon.

Most students deal with perfunctory situations, and teachers turn a blind eye to the situation, which is really disappointing to today's college.

Third, what is the graduation thesis? Can you eat it for dinner?

The breadth of college students' essays is not a big secret.

In fact, there is no need for teachers to complain personally, students know that their Nissan thousands of, two eyes on the stage to reply to the paper, how bad can be as bad.

Dr. Yu, one night, produced a masterpiece of "Glorious" deeds, and it was still vivid.

The pursuit of water and water is the basic attitude of contemporary undergraduates to treat papers; Baidu Encyclopedia is the academic source of copying and pasting for college students; it is not good, it takes 800 yuan to bite the teeth, and can also temporarily write a paper for writing.

According to a survey of graduation papers conducted by the China Youth Daily, 78.1% of the respondents said that there were more "catch-up papers" among the college students around them, and 50.7% of the respondents believed that 78.1% of the respondents said that the phenomenon of "catching up with the graduation thesis" was more than that of the college students around them. This can no longer reflect the value of the paper.

The knowledge that college students have learned in four years depends on the madness of the last week.

In order to eliminate the existence of this chicken ribs, some colleges and universities in China have tried not to write papers.

According to the Beijing News, in 2014, East China Normal University conducted an innovative examination of graduation thesis: students who do not write graduation thesis can be exchanged for graduation design, publication of news works or research reports.

Wenzhou University City College has also introduced the "scientific research works instead of graduation thesis."

But no matter how the form changes, the change will not leave its ancestors, I hope you can treat your graduation work well.

The efforts of the third year of high school are not for the salted fish of the university for four years. Figure / "Youth"

In fact, the real environment has also undergone earth-shaking changes, the capital economic and trade teacher Liu Ying sighed-today's undergraduate students are different from those 30 years ago, is interpreting this change.

In the past few decades, colleges and universities in our country have been on the road to expanding enrollment. College education is transitioning from elite education to mass education. College students are everywhere, and everyone is facing greater pressure-mentors have to recruit several students at a time. Students should withstand the pressure from postgraduate entrance examination, internship, work, graduation and so on.

The time and energy of both sides have long not allowed a satisfactory graduation thesis to be polished.

In retrospect, the graduation thesis of undergraduate students is mainly to give students a certain amount of time, so that they can fully find the topic, collect data, and then carry on the basic logical analysis and expression to the topic studied. This is far less difficult than Dr. Shuo.

If you want to deal with it all the way, for the students who have been taking exams for more than a decade, they are just writing a few more 800 words in the examination room, and there is no challenge at all.

And at the graduation time, you will not encounter a teacher who is angry with you.

So it really doesn't matter how the paper is prepared.

Because most of the college students nowadays, it is not rare to spend a whole semester, find the area of ​​interest, and explore as much as possible.

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Seriously I want to throw graduate thesis.

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