Alibaba announces establishment of data security research institute to build multi-party cooperation mechanism

[TechWeb] on August 21, Alibaba Group officially announced the establishment of the Alibaba data Security Research Institute today, hoping to share Ali's experience in data protection and jointly raise the water level of network security with various parties.

According to information, Ali data security research institute will cooperate with Ali health, Ali cloud, ant gold, nailing, Ali research institute and other institutions within Ali around the business characteristics of digital economy in dt era, as well as globalization needs and national strategies. it will also build up a mutual aid mechanism with mutual promotion and support among leading technologies, industrial practices and policies and regulations in cooperation with experts and scholars at home and abroad, think tanks, research institutions, representatives of industrial practices, universities and other institutions.

Du Yuejin, chief security expert of Alibaba Group and head of the Alibaba Data Security Research Institute, pointed out that today's data security has become an independent and extremely important area, and there is an urgent need for innovation in policy, law, industrial practice, and cutting-edge technology. He said that Ali will continue to study and explore data security-related policies and regulations, practical methods and cutting-edge technology, will continue to promote DSMM, that is, the large data security capability maturity model, so that more enterprises know their own security level, constantly improve, and thus effectively protect enterprise data security.

It is reported that DSM has entered the draft of the national standard, was adopted at the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 plenary session, issued as an international standard in ITU-T, and has also carried out ground practice in more than 50 institutions in more than 10 fields, covering government, banking, securities and other industries. Guiyang in May this year, the first batch of 107 DSMM surveyors licensed posts, also further enriched the practical experience of DSMM.

Zhang Yudong, senior director of Alibaba Group, said the location of data can be multi-point simultaneous uncertainties, but the risk is determined, in order to ensure that the uncertainty of the risk is the greatest challenge to data security. Black ash production is using AI, IoT and other available technical capabilities to launch attacks, so the continuous improvement of data protection technology is still the core.

According to Ali's introduction, Ali Security's anti-information leakage products developed specifically for merchants have now covered 95% of the Taobao transaction orders, helping service providers analyze 650 million core data access behaviors and intercept risks every day, nearly 800 of the more than 3 million merchants. Ten thousand terminals are using protected service providers or logistics applications.

Ali Baba establishment data security research institute construction multi - party cooperation mechanism

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