Sanqi mutual entertainment: Wu Weidong resigned as chairman of the company due to work arrangement

[TechWeb] December 7 news, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment announced today that Wu Weidong applied for resignation from the company's chairman, directors and members of the special committee of the board of directors due to work arrangements, and no longer held any position in the company after resigning.

Sanqi mutual entertainment said that Wu Weidong’s resignation did not result in the company’s board of directors being lower than the legal minimum number and would not affect the normal operation of the company’s board of directors. Wu Weidong’s resignation took effect when the resignation report was delivered to the company’s board of directors.

According to the announcement, after half of the directors were elected, Li Weiwei, the vice chairman of the company, acted on behalf of the chairman until the election of the new chairman. (Zhou Xiaobai)

Sanqi mutual entertainment Wu Weidong arrangement reason resignation chairman

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