US government requires more resources and investment to develop artificial intelligence

[TechWeb] February 11 news, according to Reuters, a senior US government official said that US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on Monday, requiring federal agencies to use more resources and investment for labor Intelligent research, promotion and training.

Under the artificial Intelligence Program, the government will direct agencies to prioritize investment in artificial intelligence research and development, increase access to federal data and research models, and prepare employees for the era of artificial intelligence.

The government official said in a conference call that the plan did not announce specific funding sources. He also said the plan calls for better reporting and tracking of research and development expenditures related to artificial intelligence.

The program aims to ensure that the United States maintains R & D advantages in artificial intelligence and related areas, such as advanced manufacturing and quantum computing.

Last week, Trump said in his State of the Union address that he is willing to work with lawmakers to make new and important infrastructure investments, including investments in cutting-edge industries in the future, which he calls "necessary."

Enterprises and experts say that artificial intelligence and deep machine learning raise some concerns, such as the impact of artificial intelligence on control, privacy and cybersecurity, and may lead to a large number of job losses in various industries. (compilation / open air)

More resources investments for artificial intelligence.

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