2,200 people rescued Yang Mi and Deng Lun in the whole city: a high-profile interactive marketing


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Titanium media note: this article is from the WeChat official account puffer film and television file (ID:htysda), author: Liu Jingmu, Xie Weiping, titanium media authorized release.

In the March weekend of Changsha, heavy rain, a well-planned offline rescue is being staged. The rescued guest is from a program of Mango TV that has not yet begun to record - "The Chamber of Escape", six guests Yang Mi, Deng Lun, Xie Yilin, Zhang Guowei, Wei Daxun and Huang Mingxi were trapped somewhere in Changsha, and more than 2,200 participants from the scene will be found in the large-scale secret room of Changsha, through the clues provided by the official Weibo. Finally, rescue the trapped star.

It sounds like a very bold and challenging idea, and the program group has not yet aired to start the offline marketing warm-up action, which is relatively rare in such variety shows.

In the actual operation process, such a city-wide event, how to recruit players, how to ensure the effectiveness of offline marketing, what are the original creations, are the details that deserve attention.

In fact, offline marketing, similar to the interactive experience of trying to rescue the city, has become increasingly a trend, including "Star Detective", "Yanxi Palace", and "Yuqing Xiangxi". Baiwei InBev and others have tried offline interactive marketing, now brands and film and television works, in order to attract young people, must emphasize interaction and immersion. But how to make the effect and sound, not only make high interaction rate, high participation degree in the field, but also have the space of secondary propagation, even realize the precipitation and back-feeding on-line, it is always a challenge.

The premeditated marketing of this offline marketing: offline guideline, creating topics

March 2, Changsha, heavy rain. The pouring rain, but did not squander the enthusiasm of thousands of players swarming.

The day before, Xiaowen saw a "call for help video" on the mango TV variety show "the Secret Room escapes", in which several men and women mysterious voices: "I am trapped in Changsha, if you hear this message, Please come and save me! " Then attach a registration link: secret room big escape-Changsha operation.

Fans learned that the event will have their own love beans Wei Daxun, Hunan Zhuzhou Xiaowen first signed up, bought a train ticket to Changsha the next day, came to "can see Wei Daxun" du Zhengjie route.

Originally thought that there was no one under heavy rain, but when Xiaowen arrived at the Xiangzheng Street in Duzheng Street on time, he found that players like her had already surrounded the small pavilion with three floors and three floors.

According to the staff responsible for the entire event of Mango TV, 70% of the participants in the Changsha escape came from fans who participated in the recording of six stars. This is not difficult to explain, why the participants are still interested in high activity. The deep interaction between fans and stars is also one of the factors that contributed to the success of the event.

Puzzle is just a process, the core of the activity is the fan to save the star.

In this large-scale urban escape experiment, the stars became "hostages" and the fans became "saviors." This dislocation between the identity and the immersive experience of "share the same fate with the breath" enhances the player's participation. In each line, the star will appear in some way. Just as Xiaowen is about to rush to the second stop, the top floor of the IFS International Finance Center in Changsha.

At the top of the IFS building, the player can hear Wei Daxun's "Spring Breeze 10" by scanning the QR code. According to the clues in the lyrics, you can get the digital password, and you can get the invitation to enter the coffee shop and take a photo with the "Wei Groom". What the players can't think of is that the "Wei Groom" wearing the groom's outfit and holding a clue with a careful heart is Wei Daxun. "At this moment, I really believe that I am saving love beans." Xiaowen said.

After the official announcement of this offline activity, "The Escape of the Chamber of Secrets" officially entered the recording stage, and there is no way to directly count the geometric conversion rate of the activity. But from some external parameters, you can still see the effect of this program.

Official website data show that as of the end of the event, a total of 2292 players signed up. At the end of the six-star gathering, a restaurant that could accommodate 1000 people was crowded.

Online activities are more widely distributed. So far, the number of officials in the "Escape Room" has reached 37,200, and the topic of #密室大逃# has read 400 million. The Puffer Movies and Television Archives learned that the origin and main position of this offline activity are both Weibo. In order to guide the players to Guanwei, most of the clues of the activities need to pay attention to the official micro and private letters before they can be obtained. The password for the first stop of the Duzheng Street route is hidden in the first automatic reply after paying attention to the official.

As the day's activities, Yang Mi wears the maid costume to appear in the final station, Wei Daxun dressed in a groom dress and fans interactive photo, #杨幂双马尾女仆装#, #约为为魏大勋婚了# and other topics, once rushed to the day of hot search List. The six stars who participated in the event’s “Help for Weibo” also had more than a million in number of comments and forwarding.

Originally, it was a heavy rain for outdoor activities, but it was also used by fans to "play bad" as a spit. "XXX, the rain is too big, you can save yourself." Under the commentary of each star's "Help for Weibo", there are so few naughty fans who are ridiculous, which in the invisible boosts the secondary fermentation of the program. After all, when an event has its own segment, it is really a fire.

The chamber escape is a shell, loaded with fans and stars.

“The hardest and most core part of this kind of activity is the content creation of the event and how to enhance the player experience.” The staff told the Entertainment Capital Theory Matrix pufferfish video archives, all of this offline activity. The creativity comes from the program team of "The Escape of the Chamber of Secrets" (the original star detective). Therefore, the design of puzzles and level ideas is very mature.

Let the content combine the needs of the target audience, is also one of the essentials.

According to the staff, as the stars will participate in the offline activities, their fans are the target audience of the event. "And through research, we found that many of these fans do not read puzzles and brainstorming programs." Therefore, the purpose of this offline activity is to let fans know what programs they are participating in, and let fans Highly involved, to promote program promotion.

"We are not worried about the number of participants." The staff smiled and said that as long as the star is determined to participate, there will be no fans to attend. The staff revealed that a total of 1,000 copies of the customs clearance card to the final station were received and they were led during the event. "Because the audience entering the final station is far more than the number of people who have obtained the customs clearance card, and there are still scalpers reselling customs clearance cards," the number has already exceeded 1,000.

Run through Changsha to find clues to save the stars, only fans are more willing to do; if you encounter the same extreme weather on the day of the event, only fans, will have enough enthusiasm to overcome the weather obstacles, just to see the love beans side.

Wei Daxun's riddle picture content is his work "Love Shuttle Millennium 2", the answer is his role in the play: Zhang Zhigang; The answer to yang mi's riddle is the character Fu Funjun in his new work, and Deng Lun's nickname "Lamp Core". This puzzle-solving information, basically only fans can get to. As a passer-by player, I'm afraid only to stop there.

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, in the final station, the Sharon Shrimp Museum, packed with successful players. Xiaowen has long disappeared in the crowd and disappeared. These players, waiting in the final round, find the ultimate password and "save" all the beans.

For help, the trapped stars walked onto the balcony and interacted with fans. Yang mi, dressed as a maid, played "stinky tofu Xishi" and made stinky tofu for fans. Xie Yilin was a "chartered woman," and Deng Lun, who wore a bathrobe and bathrobe, shouted in the air. Wei Daxun was the groom, and Huang Minghao became a security guard. Zhang Guowei, a high jumper, sang flowers on the balcony.

Fans, who have been running all day long, see their love for beans in the moment, their emotions are greatly released, the final station also became the highest tide of the whole event. "it was worth it to see Dunn standing on the balcony smiling at me." One fan told the porpoise film file (ID:htysda).

The five-hour escape from the city secret room came to an end.

And what is the end result? How many players have solved the ultimate password? It doesn't matter, fans and celebrities have created a highly interactive, high-traffic activity that has been achieved for the program group.

As a result, the "Small Escape" activity, on the surface, seems to be the creative concept of "escape from the room". In the final analysis, it is still a carnival with deep interaction between stars and fans. It is a large-scale tailor-made for the fan group. welfare". Through the sense of the form of "city room escape", let the star "show the weak to save the rescue" to the fans, a process of strength.

Fans of the star guests, it seems, will be the first core audience for the Secret Room escape show.

The success and failure of offline marketing

Changsha’s offline marketing of thousands of people is not a success. How do we judge the success or failure of an offline marketing campaign? The puffer fish has interviewed a number of marketers and summed it up into two basic points: the implementation of the scene and the space for secondary communication.

In an offline marketing campaign, the atmosphere is good and the audience is highly engaged, which is the standard for successful activities. Whether or not the marketing appeal and purpose are realized at the core of the whole event.

In addition, a successful offline activity will definitely cause secondary transmission on the line. Whether the activity can generate enough communication topics to promote the audience, media, KOL, etc., is especially important for the offline marketing of film and television drama.

Offline interactive experience marketing

"the trend of offline marketing activities in the future will definitely enhance interaction and technology, and will be carried out in an offline manner." Weifeng Culture Media CEO Zheng Jishan told the puffer porpoise film and television files. "the cost of offline activities is high, and as far as the current film and television ensemble projects are concerned, the biggest demand for communication is still online. Therefore, it is the most cost-effective mode to have linkage between offline and offline activities and promote secondary propagation on-line with the event effect of offline activities. "

In this way, the city riddle, secret room escape class of offline activities, and this trend coincided with. Offline puzzles are solved online, and online interactions are used to get clues to explore the next level. This more interesting way of playing, will undoubtedly attract more participants, but also more prone to high transmission rate of impromptu events.

"this kind of activity has a very strong sense of immersive experience and drama emotion," Coco, a veteran marketer, told the puffer. Participants are working on riddles, high levels of engagement in teamwork, and emotional engagement. It's easy to get participants to empathize with the programs they're marketing. As long as the program involves reasoning, suspense, city landmarks, time-limited rescue and other related elements, such as suspense reasoning, case-hunting series, variety shows, and outdoor sports variety shows (similar to extreme challenges, running men, etc.) can be applied.

In fact, many big brands are also trying immersive marketing. In 2017, Budweiser InBev's immersive experience drama "Looking for Mr. X" in Shanghai is such an example. In this drama, the detective investigated the bartender, the purchaser, the winemaker and the chef in order to find the suspect, but everyone had proof of absence. Finally, detectives used their knowledge and culture of beer to find flaws.

Actors interact with the audience

In this brain-burning storm, the audience can eat beer from the chef's own hands, follow the purchase of beer-brewing materials, and travel through the scenes like Sherlock. Unwittingly completed the exploration of "exploring raw materials", "wine-making craft", "food matching" beer exploration process.

Interestingly, many offline marketing experiences, in the past, actually have the possibility of becoming a normal business of fixed commercial projects.

In 2017, Beijing Secret House produced a large-scale reality puzzle game, Metro escape, based on the Beijing subway station. Similar to the search for Changsha landmarks during the Mixedo campaign, players will search for clues in various subway stations in Beijing and complete the mission to reach customs clearance. Mystery House founder Chen Zhen told the porpoise film and television archives that the product has been made for two seasons and has sold more than 1 million, "long ago for profit."

In Chen Zhen's view, the reason why the subway escape can survive for a long time, contrary to the sense of operation and form of the offline activities, the light operation of heavy content is the most important. In the long-term operation state, if a heavy layout is made, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain it for a long time. “The cost is too high and it is difficult to do it for a long time. Many one-time ideas can’t be realized.”

Therefore, if you want to position the “city escape” as a product to develop, you need to make the most of the urban public space, reduce the cost of manpower and material resources, and design excellent puzzle content to attract players to play independently. From a immersive interactive experience marketing that launches thousands of people, to the operation of fixed commercial projects, the urban puzzle, the escape of the secret room, and the closed indoor games, there is more room for imagination.

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