Reuters: Foxconn Chairman Gou Taiming will remain on the new board of directors

[TechWeb] May 11, according to Reuters, Apple supplier Foxconn filed a company document on Friday that said Mr. Gou would retain a seat on the company's proposed board of directors.


Earlier Friday, a source told Reuters that Mr Gou would retain a seat on the company's new board of directors.

The proposed candidates for the new board of directors include Lu Songqing, chairman of Hongteng Precision Technology Co., Ltd., and Dai Zhengwu, chairman of Sharp. These candidates must be approved by the June shareholder meeting before the new chairman is elected.

A few weeks ago, Mr Gou decided to run for Taiwan's regional leaders in January next year.

In April, Mr Gou said he planned to resign from Foxconn, paving the way for a promotion of younger talent. It is unclear when Mr Gou will resign.

Earlier Friday, Foxconn announced that its April sales rose 10.4% year-on-year, the largest increase since October last year. On the same day, the company's share price fell 0.7%. After falling 30% last year, the stock has risen by about 18% this year. (Little Fox)

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