Hammer employee says: forced resignation in disguise Luo Yonghao has been living in a dream


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Recently, the news that Hammer Tech employees transferred the byte-bounce contract seems to have let the outside world think that the hammer technology that has been in the financial crisis has finally ushered in the pick-up man.

However, the byte hopping responded that it only acquired part of the patent right to use Hammer Technology and explored related businesses in the education field. Because the specific transaction involves confidentiality provisions, it is not easy to disclose. This once again makes the end of Hammer Technology confusing.

But more confused is the transfer of the contract Smartisan employees. Smartisan has been working for several years of hardware research and development employee Li Hua (pseudonym) told Sina Science and Technology about his experience. Before signing a byte jump contract, Smartisan's employees must sign a confirmation and commitment letter renouncing shares, options or other interests in Smartisan and related parties, he said. He was also told by the HR that the pay would be shifted, but that he would be zero after moving to the new company, with a six-month probationary period.

"These six months are full of unknowns. If the trial period is optimized, I won't get any compensation." He told Sina Technology, but the result of not signing a new contract is likely to be that Tiger Technology has no money at all. Wages are not guaranteed. "So this is basically equal to forced separation. Most people can't sign it, but some people plan to defend their rights."

He also forced to choose the transfer contract, and the entry byte jumped on the same day, and the working place remained unchanged. But as of now, the job and content are still unknown. Even during the hammer technology and bytebeat, there is no management to come and appease the employees.

Prior to the transfer, Li Hua was a follower of Smartisan and Luo Yonghao. He had always had a good impression of Smartisan and recognized the values and maverick style created by Luo Yonghao. Using his hammer phone, he bought Horizon's No. 8 suitcase, but he did not approve of Luo Yonghao's leading business, such as TNT, chat. "TNT accelerated the fall of Hammer, and it was hard for TNT to break through."

More importantly, he believes that Luo Yonghao is not a qualified boss, but more like a simple and demanding product manager. For example, he said that Luo Yonghao personally decided on issues related to mobile phone R&D. "He is a man of temperament. If the debate is fierce, he will directly swear." Fatally, he believes that Luo Yonghao is not a qualified businessman, financial and profitable. Little attention is paid.

"He is a man who lives in a dream, too idealistic."

The following is an excerpt from the employee's own account (slightly edited by Sina Technology):

Employees intend to defend their rights in the face of forced resignation in disguise

The company has no feelings about dealing with its employees, that is, using the jump of incoming bytes as a bargaining chip to let Hammer employees leave their jobs and give up all their current benefits and claims. What is more, HR is trying to protect its own interests. Link yourself to technology as fast as possible to ensure the normal payment of wages.

If you choose to sign the resignation, you must give up all the benefits (annual leave, vacation, compensation, etc.) and get the opportunity to jump in the entry byte. It is an exchange. After entering the job, the salary is shifted, but the transfer to the new company is zero, and the probation period is 6 months. This is full of unknowns. It is very likely that the probation period will be optimized. This does not require compensation, and most people are worried. And the specific treatment of the new company, such as the year-end award, is also vague.

The result of non-signing is likely to be that the company has no money, nothing and no guarantee of wages. Of course, there is no compensation for the choice of voluntary resignation, so basically equivalent to mandatory separation, Hammer Branch's practice is really inappropriate.

Most people in the department chose to sign it, and so did I. Finished leaving, the same day in the Hammer office building to do the entry byte beat process. The Chinese New year soon, I have no choice, in case Hammer Ke really can not send out the loss of wages, it is better to sign directly.

Our place of work remains the same, but no one of the leaders has participated in the whole process of leaving and entering the company. Hammer’s own leaders have not appeared, let alone talk about the bytes, and the new jobs and contents are completely unknown. We have no bottom in our hearts, we are confused about the future, and even worry about being cut off at any time.

I also heard that some people intend to defend their rights, but if they sign, there will be no good rights protection. After all, from the agreement, they are actively leaving.

TNT accelerates hammer technology down

Since I joined the company, I have always had a good impression of Hammer Technology. I have also recognized the values ​​and maverick style that Lao Luo has created. In this awkward world, there is a different kind of sound that is also a unique landscape.

However, the company seems to have various problems in management. Just as the public sees that the PPT is often flawed or even wrong, many details reveal the style of not being rigorous. The company’s financial crisis is also very sudden. It seems that it has been working overtime some time ago. Suddenly things stopped. Then all kinds of rumors were flying all over the world. Later, everyone saw the debt problem. It seemed that the high-level people just knew that their family’s money was not enough. flower.

But what makes people sad is that during this period of time, it seems that suddenly there is no Hammerke style, work is hidden, there is no leadership communication, we can only wait for the news from the outside world. Really not like Hammerke style, let people feel that everything has changed, the interests of the priority. The attitude towards employees these days, unlike the impression given to the public, is less responsible and more mercenary.

The hammer fell, I am very sorry, very much hope that the hammer can make something different.

There was a period of hearsay Hammer to give up mobile phone business, Lao Luo also came forward to refute rumors. At that time we also felt that the mobile phone continues to do, the company is no problem. I also use the hammer mobile phone, with the habit is also good. But the so-called OS innovation is much the same, not much attracted to me, small innovation is optional. I just don't want to buy a VW, I don't want the whole street to be the same, just the hammer fits that.

But TNT accelerated the fall of Hammer, as a small company, supply chain, R & D and other resources are already very tight, but quite a lot of resources into TNT.TNT what the current situation is also seen, the consequences can be imagined.

The eco-chain is a good direction, but the hammer's product is too late, and I think there is a problem with the direction. The suitcase is OK, I bought it too; the humidifier is barely OK, but it is slightly expensive, I didn't buy it; the speaker I personally Not optimistic, will not buy.

I find it difficult to break through the circle. The press conference was over and the heat was over. I do not use chat treasure, I feel bad to use, I will not go for a few dollars to use the red envelope.

Luo Yonghao is not a qualified businessman.

The development of hammer into the present outcome, from the macro level, is the inevitable trend of industry development, Matthew effect highlights; But another angle is Lao Luo's problem, there are too many fatal problems, improper personnel, supply chain problems, inadequate management, a few holes will not be able to do.

Luo Yonghao is not a reasonable boss, more like a simple and demanding product manager. For example, the development of mobile phone, all the problems must be his own decision, only he knows what to do, how to do. We have no idea what to do next. In the face of directional controversy, it is his decision, he is the temperament of the person, heated debate will directly swear.

He was not a steady merchant, too proud. He is more inclined to do one thing well than whether it will make money. I was a bit disappointed when he said, "Don't talk to me about money, don't make that dirty money."

I used to think that even if the company was yellow, there would be no problem with Lao Luo's character. But now, it's not that his character has gone bad, but he doesn't even think things will turn out like this. I guess he's not in charge of finance, and he's still working on TNT.

He is a man who lives in a dream, too idealistic. Finance? profit? He is obviously not very caring. So it is not difficult to understand why the hammer always has a round of crisis.

Hammer employee self-report disguise coercion resignation Luo Yonghao live in dream

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