A week in the official group of pirated mobile games


A week in the official group of pirated mobile games

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In addition to the words of the players, the expression is a kind of apathy. This indifference lies not only in their lack of concern for copyright ownership, but also in their indifference to the pirated mobile game they play.

When I first entered the official group of "Healing Calls", there was a fierce debate over the space.

This is a battle with no suspense. One party has an absolute advantage in terms of quality and quantity, from the forum, the micro-blog, and the TapTap community, with a sense of justice. "Heroes> players, they put up a lot of screenshots and media reports, trying to point out a fact," "Chapter call> is a piece game." "

"Hotal Call" is on the "official website" page of a mobile game website.

a pirated game

Even in the domestic mobile game industry, which is often criticized for its popularity, the severity of Hercules summons is rare. Developers do not even want to use "skin-for-skin" and other means to cover up the appearance of the game, the mobile game from promoting pictures, the game's UI interface to play, card drawing and even character settings. Are in line with Nintendo's 2017 mobile game, the Fire Seal: heroes, with little difference.

Comparison of two game battle screens


The initial name is "Fire Hero", in search engines, mobile game forums, the game is also self-styled "official edition," in the Flame Seal: hero Baidu Tieba appeared in the game advertising promotion. This attitude is so fair and open that many players really think this is the version of the national service of the Fire Seal: a Hero.

However, "Fire Emblem: Hero" does not have a national service agent, "Hail Call" is a complete pirated game.


The first result of searching for "heraldry summons" in QQ is the "official communication group," and the others are "call of duty, sales, and hang-up groups."


In the battle of the official exchange group, the opponent of the genuine player once had only one person, and the data showed that he was a group chat that joined on April 10.

The weapons in his hands were also not very sharp, basically the clich é of the "Allied Forces of eight", which existed a decade ago in defence of piracy. First, he refused to admit that Hercules summons was pirated, saying that the game was just borrowing the story of the Flame Seal-"so many of the three countries' works on the market are pirated?"

The picture on the left is a screenshot of the chat, and the picture on the right is a screenshot of the chat record. The content is the group’s use of the Three Kingdoms as an example to defend the game.

After discovering that the example was too much bullshit, he used the usual "moral Highland" method, brushing the screen in the group and accusing these genuine players of having too much control-"the whole life he spent less piracy and copycats?" he said, "after all this nonsense, he used the usual" moral Highland "method to rebuke the genuine players for having too much control over it."


In the end, he simply took the evasive approach of "I don't believe what you say." Someone posted links to many reports, saying he couldn't open them. (that may be part of the fact that Mobile QQ's built-in browser does block a lot of links.) Someone showed him a screenshot of the story, claiming that "I can do dozens of these pictures a minute," and that he didn't believe in media statements at all.

He said that he did not believe in screenshots of other group friends at all.

The controversy inevitably slipped into the quagmire of personal attack. Aside from facts, evidence and logic, the two sides began to point directly at each other's personal qualities, kinship and species, and the fighting became boring. In the end, the pirated defender, who has a lot of enemies, leaves the battlefield with the gesture of a spiritual victor, leaving the battle with the words "you so many people can't say I'm one."

Both sides believe that the opponent first started personal attacks.

Some people think that he is the official to invite the land to wash. However, judging from the poor performance in the debate, he is not like a qualified supporter, and the behavior of “please wash the land” is not consistent with the negative attitude of this group of managers.

Although the debate was huge and lasted for nearly 2 hours, the group owner, nicknamed "The Official Call of the Heraldry Call", did not care about it. The group owner neither banned or kicked any of the two parties into a group chat, nor did he use the nuclear weapons commonly used by the official group to "all the members banned." In addition to applying through the group, the group owner seemed to do nothing.

His only speech in this battle was to reply to a group of friends who satirized "The Heraldry Call" should be renamed "The Coat of Arms":

“The kiss did not receive the name change information.”

The group owner did not say any words after

After everything subsided, this "heralds call the official exchange group" presented a rather strange scene - those players who won the battle began to talk about the genuine "Fire Emblem: Heroes". They explored how to match the lineup, how to play the most efficient activities, and show what rare characters they have drawn today. In just a few minutes, the group chat message becomes 99+.



Pok é mon double engraving still has a lot of heat four years after the game was released.

For a time, these pirated and cottage games were screaming on the Internet. Just a week ago, things were completely different - "Hotal Call" not only opened a number of rounds of testing, but also posted ads on many platforms such as Post Bar, Mobile Games Forum. These marketing operations are costly, behind the game operator's confidence in the future of this product. Now, the game has been out of service for up to 4 days.

In fact, the game was stopped and maintained on the afternoon of April 9.

What about the players in the Herald summons? Outside the Q group, I didn't see any real players coming forward to say something, but only the Flame Seal: hero and the innocent people who were deceived by advertising.

Even this pirated warrior in the QQ group is doubtful as a player-he was stopped when he joined the group chat, and his speech was more like an Internet prick who was looking for something to do. Instead of eager to defend the Seal summons player-I whispered privately that whatever he asked, his reply was a dirty word.

In this discussion about genuine piracy and small scale, the voice of the "Hail Call" player is almost absent.

So I found them, and I had a special interview:


Shimu feels, for a game on-line quarrel is really "nothing to do". He also had reservations about some of the media articles I sent him-"these online media like to incite people's emotions."

He is the only one of the "Hotal Calls" players I contacted who is not in the official group. I found him in a cooperative forum of "Hotal Call", he left when posting a question about recharge related issues. I have my own QQ. During my entire communication with him, Bemu seems to be busy with work, the response speed is very slow, and often does not speak for more than an hour. After returning, I politely apologize to me. "Sorry, I just had a little work."

Shellfish began to play heraldry summons, to a large extent, is also the cause of work. He didn't say what his job was, but mentioned that he had to drive around most of the time, playing mobile games at rest. He has never heard of the Flame Seal series, and his knowledge of Nintendo is limited to "I seem to have heard of this company." he discovered the game from a mobile game platform.

As early as a few days before Herald summons stopped taking maintenance, because of busy work, shellfish didn't open the game very much. I told him that the game was now out of service and infringed on intellectual property, and he probably couldn't play next, he said, "Oh," and didn't say anything.

After a while, he asked me if I could apply for a refund.

This is the whole attitude of shimu to this matter-the game is yellow, can you refund it? Any discussion or dispute beyond these categories is superfluous to him, either idle or fuss. What does it have to do with an ordinary person to defend rights, crack down on piracy, "meat eaters seek it" (as he put it)?

After seeing the screenshot of the QQ group I sent him, he asked me, "Is these people so busy?"


Xiao Zhao

Xiao Zhao and Beim are two completely different types of players. He has played several old works of the Flame Heraldry series, and also knows the 2017 Fire Emblem: Heroes mobile game. He told me that he has long known that "Hotal Call" is a domestic piracy.


"at that time, I either did not play, or I can only play it (finger call), so much of the trouble I really do not understand," Xiao Zhao thought that now < Flame Seal: hero > has a national uniform agent, will "come forward to crack down on piracy."

When I told him that the genuine mobile game still had no agent, he said he did not believe: "There is no money who does this."


Like Xiaozhao, there are quite a few fans of fire lines. During the days when I was in the official group, a lot of people came up and asked, "when is the national service over?" and stopped talking when it was discovered that it had been occupied by genuine players. I contacted a few of these people, almost all of whom were known only after the piracy had been fertilised.

All of these people are old players who have played the "Fire stripes" series. Criticizing and revealing that "Hercules call" is a media report and post of pirated games, instead gave them the game Amway-"Herald call" does not need to surf the Internet scientifically, does not need to stir up the mobile phone, Krypton is convenient, and the interface is painted almost the same as the original version. Without regard to copyright reasons, it does appeal to some fire fans.


In the face of the problem of "playing pirated copies when you can't play the game?", some people responded to me with a few meaningless expression packs. Some people simply pulled me black, and only one person responded positively to this question. . He says:


Yes, despite being pointed out to have committed irregularities in the trial, the Herald call did get the edition number.

< Herald summons > is a mobile game after trial.


I stayed in the official exchange group of "Civil Call" for nearly a week, and found that the image of the genuine players who came to blast was quite unified. On the contrary, the composition of pirated players was very complicated. Among them are the fans of fire patterns, and those who have never heard of the flames of the coat of arms; there is no rumor that the game is pirated, and it has been known from the beginning even for the convenience of piracy.

The only thing these players have in common is that they don't care about the genuine piracy dispute, nor do they care about the game they play, which is the silent majority.

Most of the players in Hercules call don't seem to care at all about the game they've played and recharged. The players I came into contact with reacted very flat when they learned that the game might be cold: "Oh", "Oh," Yeah, "that's right." Of course, few of them play the authentic version of the Flame Seal: a Hero because of piracy, for the simple reason: "too much trouble."

Chatting with them gives you the feeling that these people are normal people in the social sense. They regard the game as a pure pastime, without any meaning on it; when I repeatedly discuss copyright issues with them, more than one person persuaded me to "do not spend so much energy on virtual things."

Half an hour before the article was finished, Xiao Zhao sent me a message. He found another domestic flame heraldry pirated game. He and several friends who had previously played "Hotal Call" were ready to try this. I tried this game with "fire pattern" in this name. The interface, the vertical drawing, the drawing card, everything seems familiar.

As if nothing had changed.

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