QuestMobile sends down the market report: a lot of money, Taobao ranked the first two increments of electricity business monthly users

[TechWeb] May 23rd news, according to QuestMobile's latest "Sinking Market Report" shows that as of the end of March 2019, the number of users of mobile Internet third-tier and below cities reached 618 million, and the per capita use time grew rapidly, there is a huge Demographic Dividend. In China's all-Internet applications, the first four of the MAU (monthly users) are shivering, fast-handed, Alipay, and more.

In the e-commerce industry, the number of users, Taobao, and idle fish are ranked in the top three, and the net increase in the number of mobile phones is 2.33 times that of mobile phone Taobao and 5.57 times that of idle fish.

At the same time, the QuestMobile report shows that the sinking market of ecommerce has maintained rapid growth, the active permeability of integrated ecommerce reached 97 percent, and the number of active users per month grew by 13.2 percent compared with the same period last year.

The report pointed out that the enthusiasm of sinking users online shopping is getting higher and higher, the mobile e-commerce segment industry has achieved a high growth rate, and the online consumption power of users continues to increase. At present, the penetration rate of sinking users is still lower than that of the whole network, which has a large room for improvement.

In addition, the analysis of the report believes that the average online consumption power of third-tier and lower urban users is slightly lower than that of first-and second-tier cities, which is very sensitive to price factors.

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