The chairman of Liufangfang was changed to Zhou Hongyi Liu Yan

[TechWeb] May 6th news, the company looked up information display, recently Liu Yan has resigned as the chairman of Beijing Liujianfang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the six rooms), the new chairman changed to Zhou Hongyi.

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On April 29, a number of changes occurred in Beijing Jingjing Hefeng Technology Co., Ltd., the main body of the pepper live broadcast. 360, Mango Wenchuang and other shareholders suspected of withdrawing, and the pepper live broadcast became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liufang.

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In response, the pepper live broadcast responded that the six-house company is only the restructuring of the six-room reorganization of the pepper. This structure is more conducive to the company's business development and future capital operations. All the shareholders of Zanthoxylum have not withdrawn, but transferred the shares to six houses to become shareholders of the six rooms.

In June 2018, Songcheng Performing Arts announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing six rooms Technology Co., Ltd., will be restructured with Beijing Mightland and Wind Technology Co., Ltd.

In this restructuring, the price of six houses was 3.4 billion yuan, and the price of peppers was 5.1 billion yuan. After the restructuring, the group's pre-investment valuation was not less than 8.5 billion yuan. After the transaction is completed, Songcheng’s shareholding ratio will be less than 30% after the reorganization.

Public information shows that the six rooms were established in May 2006, the first video site, and later involved in the video live broadcast business. In March 2015, Songcheng Performing Arts spent 2.6 billion yuan to acquire six houses. (Zhou Xiaobai)

Six rooms chairman changed to Zhou Hongyi Liu Yan retired

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