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Titanium News | April 19 news: NetEase koala official Weibo issued a notice that the company and Estée Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. have withdrawn the court in the case. This means that NetEase koala, Estée Lauder for more than a year of disputes, finally with a hand-shaking and ending.

By the time titanium media published, both sides did not make further response to the announcement content.

Estée Lauder annulment of civil orde

Estee Lauder withdraws civil ruling

This dispute lasted for more than a year, involving "small brown bottles", "M·A·C" and other products, was widely regarded by the industry as a channel of interests in the "true and false game".

In February 2018, the China Consumers Association, based on the appraisal report issued by Estee Lauder (Shanghai), determined that the "small brown bottle" sold by NetEase Koala was not genuine. Netease koala immediately issued a statement saying that the SGS test was confirmed by the SGS test. Netease koala sold the "Essence Lancome Eye Cream Small Brown Bottle 15ml" with 9 domestic Estee Lauder counters and 9 official channels sold in 5 different countries and regions around the world. The infrared spectrum characteristics of the products are completely consistent, and the products are safe and reliable. In June 2018, NetEase Koala slammed four units, including Estee Lauder (Shanghai), to the Haidian District People's Court in Beijing, questioning the qualification of the appraisal agency and claiming 21 million. In July 2018, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) sued Netease Koala on the grounds of trademark disputes. In March 2019, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) filed a lawsuit with the First Intermediate People's Court of Chongqing for the infringement of trademark rights with NetEase Koala and was allowed to withdraw the lawsuit. NetEase Koala filed a lawsuit with the Estuary Rights Disputes of the Estée Lauder (Shanghai) and other parties to the Beijing Haidian District People's Court and was allowed to withdraw the lawsuit.

"literally, there seems to be a legal dispute between the two sides over trademark infringement. In fact, it reflects the dispute between cross-border e-commerce channels and traditional channels. Wang Jian, a professor at the University of Foreign Economics and Trade and director of the Center for International Business Studies, has written to comment on the dispute between Yi Kola and Estée Lauder. Wang Jian believes that NetEase koala probably obtained Estée Lauder products at a lower cost from other foreign channels and arranged sales to consumers within China.

At present, it seems that the Estée Lauder case is exposed to the "genuine dispute". Like the previous Canadian goose turmoil, it is actually a dispute between overseas brands and cross-border e-commerce platforms. It is also a channel competition. war.

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