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Osmo Action VS GoPro 7

Osmo Action VS GoPro 7

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With the increase of the number of people who like to pursue excitement and limit, a variety of sports events emerge in endlessly, the sky and the sea can do everything. In order to better record every moment of wonderful, the main light portable motion camera came into being.

Among them, GoPro, as one of the earliest founders, has a very high market share and user base, more performance opportunities for those who love the limit, and also allows you to see parachuting, speed drop and parkour and other unusual contact sports.

In the face of the big cake in the sports camera market, more traditional camera manufacturers have followed up quickly, including some domestic manufacturers have also launched direct competition. Not long ago, a powerful troublemaker, Osmo Action., was added to the category of sports cameras.

Following Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action is a new piece in DJI's sports shooting scene. It also has excellent anti-shake function and is small and easy to operate. Its birth is very obvious, and it is the industry leader in GoPro.

This time, Titanium Media brought you a direct comparison between Osmo Action (hereinafter referred to as Action) and GoPro HERO7 BLACK (hereafter referred to as GoPro 7), to see that the technology of the founder of sports cameras is more mature. It is still better for the late-stage rookie black technology, and a tit-for-tat good show will start immediately.

Appearance contrast

Lens & front screen

From the appearance alone, the design idea of Action and GoPro 7 is the same as that of GoPro 7. The whole camera adopts square geometry and is very close to weight.

The front and right of both cameras are occupied by the camera. On the front screen on the left, the GoPro 7 is a monochromatic display screen, while the Action is more innovative, using a full-color display with a resolution of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 300ppi.

This screen of Action can be understood as a self-portrait mirror. During self-timer recording, the user can assist in framing through this screen, or change the display content to make the screen display the shooting parameters (non-touch screen) like GoPro.

Top of the fuselage

At the top of the button, Action and GoPro 7 recording keys are on the right, on the one hand, more in line with the operating habits, on the other hand, there is no need to change the habit. The difference is that Action puts the DISP/ power key combination at the top, and the GoPro 7 is on the right side of the fuselage.


Left side layout

Turning the camera to the left, we can see that the Action has a “QS” (Function Quick Switch) button. This is the second point in DJI that is different from GoPro 7. You can complete the scheduled mode fast switching without entering the screen. Better shooting adjustments in sports scenes.


Fuselage interface

Both the Action and GoPro 7 body interfaces are on the left side and are protected by a waterproof cover (removable). After opening the waterproof cover,

Open the side waterproofing cover of the fuselage, GoPro 7 has a HDMI output, a USB-C interface, and Action is the USB-C data interface and memory card slot. In this design, Dajiang does not care much about the real-time physical output of motion cameras, but GoPro takes into account more situations (such as multiple devices connected, bullet time).

Layout on the right side of the fuselage

The right side of the fuselage is not worth mentioning, GoPro 7's power/mode switch combination button is here, and the right side of the Action is the vent.

Main back screen

On the back of the camera is the main display, where the Action is 2.25 inches in size and 16 times 9 in scale, while the GoPro 7 is 2.0 inches and the ratio is 4 to 3. The Action is slightly better than the GoPro 7 in visual perception.

In addition, the system operation mode of the two is relatively uniform, and the user only needs to slide from the upper, lower, left and right sides of the main interface to call out the corresponding menu.


Battery capacity & installation method

In terms of battery capacity, GoPro 7 is 1220mAh and Action is 1300mAh. The difference between the two is not large. However, for the treatment of the battery compartment, there is no difference between the two, Action is to directly separate the battery from the fuselage through the snap-on design, and GoPro 7 needs to open the battery compartment to remove the battery. The former has the advantage of wet hands or hands. It is more convenient to change the battery when there is oil on it.

System & Operation

GoPro 7 operator interface

GoPro 7 operator interface

For the system and operation, the motion camera is different from the ordinary camera. First, its menu and viewing space are limited, and the most intuitive UI design is good. The second is the operation, the suddenness and simplicity of the sports scene is the most important.

In fact, Action and GoPro 7's operating system meet these two requirements, whether it is gesture operation, live view and parameter adjustment, etc., a bit like the difference between iOS and Android. The design of the UI is based on practicality. Under the premise of not considering the habit of use, it is actually the same, but designing this thing has its own love, and there is no need to make too much argument.

Action operation interface

Action operation interface

Since Action is a new participant, the author will say a little more. Dajiang launched a set of Action OS operating system for Action this time.

In fact, this system, like the interaction logic of GoPro, integrates the main operation interaction into the main interface, and the user only needs to slide from the top, bottom, left and right sides of the main interface to call out the corresponding menu. It is much more convenient than the previous OSMO Pocket,Action, which requires multiple touch.

Sliding operation, after all, the action hardware needs to be new, feel the overall fluidity is higher than the GoPro7, there is almost no Katon, and the GoPro7 has the phenomenon of slow reaction.

Both Action and GoPro 7 support voice operation, and the recognition rate is comparable in a variety of environments. However, the author found that a Action speech manipulation BUG,Action does not need the same wake-up word (GoPro), as GoPro 7, but directly recognizes the words such as shooting, shutdown and so on. If you unwittingly give the corresponding instructions in the video, the opportunity to execute directly. It is easy to misoperate.

Shooting ability

Before looking at the actual shooting results, let's first understand the hardware parameters of the next two cameras. Dajiang Action uses 1/2.3-inch CMOS with 12 million effective pixels. It can shoot 4K 60fps video with up to 100Mbps stream with anti-shake on, and the lens angle is 145°.

Follow test

Follow test

GoPro 7's CMOS is the same, both 1/2.3-inch, 12 million effective pixels, shooting 4K 60fps video with up to 78Mbps stream in anti-shake on state. In addition, the lens angle of view is wider than the Dajiang Action, reaching 170 °, which is quite obvious in video and photo shooting.

GoPro shooting wide corner end

GoPro shoots wide-angle end

Judging from the actual shooting effect, the biggest difference between the two cameras is that the GoPro 7 can make more pictures at the same angle, while the Action perspective is relatively narrow. For friends who like selfies, Action needs a longer shooting distance.

OSMO Action shooting wide corner end

OSMO Action shooting wide-angle end

In addition, the software optimization effect of Action is not so powerful in detail, and the loss of edge details is more obvious. GoPro 7, on the other hand, places too much emphasis on noise reduction performance, so it results in a more obvious sense of smear. The two cameras are neck and neck with plenty of light, but the GoPro 7 is slightly better when the light is darker.

GoPro shooting in low light conditions

Shooting in dark light of GoPro

OSMO Aciton shooting in the dark

In video capture, Action provides users with HDR shooting mode and also supports D-Cinelike color space. This is more convenient for professional video production users, with a larger space in the later stage and easier coloring.

GoPro 7 is more robust in terms of video. The control of highlights, shadows and details is quite good in different environments. After the iteration of several products, GoPro's optimization ability for video shooting is gradually enhanced, even in some light and dark. In a very contrasting environment, post-processing is stronger than Action.

Sports shooting scenes, upgraded shooting will increase the appeal and tension of the picture, the author also compared the upgrade ability of the two cameras. First of all, the camera settings are 240FPS 1080P, basically shooting at the same angle.

GoPro slow motion photography

GoPro slow motion shooting

Slow motion pictures taken by OSMO Action

As you can see from the above picture, GoPro 7's upgrade effect is more natural, and Action's image will be over-sharpened by more noise, especially in the shadow part. The reason why GoPro is even better is that it uses a higher bit rate, which still has 75 Mbps in H.265 encoding, and Action can only achieve a bit rate of 100 Mbps in H.264 encoding.

(分析研究经验做出结论) sum up

GoPro 7 and Action are actually the best in the field of motion cameras, if the final comparison between the two, may have to be from different aspects of a longer. GoPro 7 as a sports camera's established strong, technology accumulation is naturally richer, from the shooting effect, angle of view and anti-shaking can be circled, but the system fluency is slightly less satisfactory. Action by contrast, but the operation delay and fluency will be improved.

Secondly, both GoPro 7 and Action operations are very good, taking into account the ease of use and simplicity of sports scenes, in order to complete the camera settings in the shortest possible time. The front screen is the addition of Action, in the "V-logger" popularity, there is no doubt to add a lot of convenience to selfie, given the global video content fire, I believe GoPro will also make adjustments in the design of the new product.

In terms of endurance, Action has a longer duration than GoPro 7. In fact, the Osmo battery is only about 80mAh more than the GoPro 7 battery. It may be done well in coding and power management, so the battery takes longer to use.

As a rookie of domestic sports cameras, Action has a greater starting point and can be optimized from GoPro's generations of products and upgrades for deficiencies. GoPro is also very careful about the upgrade of each generation of products. After all, it has been intensively moving cameras for more than ten years, and the accumulated experience cannot be underestimated.

Finally, Action officially priced 2499 yuan and GoPro 7 3398 yuan. In the absence of obvious comparison between the advantages and disadvantages, Action is more attractive in terms of performance-price ratio. For now, the more affordable motion camera is Action..

But after the emergence of the enemy, GoPro will also see the move on the next generation of products. If you are a big fan of GoPro, you may wish to wait for its new work to see how the old man will pick up. (This article is the first titanium media, photography, author / Kiwi, sugar direct sales _Orz)

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