The bottom of the sea spent 100 million to open a smart restaurant, why not serve you a person?

Line up for two hours for only one number.

On the B1 floor of Beijing's Zhongjun World City, the restaurant began trial operation on October 28. It has been more than January, but the heat is still on the increase.

The fish is open every day at 11: 00-14: 00 and 16: 00-21: 00, half an hour in advance on the site and on the Internet. Because the network snatches the number to be very difficult, many consumers arrive at the gate two hours before putting the number to wait for the scene to put the number.

The experience of the Haidilao Smart Restaurant can match its heat? PingWest has a chance to play at the scene.

The robot is very fresh, but it does not save manpower.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, the first thing you see is the surround projection.

According to Haidilao, the wraparound projection has six scene themes, namely Starry Sky, Taoyuan Wonderland, Snow Mountain, Oil Painting, and Healing. According to PingWest's product play observation, it will attract more attention when the theme is switched. Most of the rest of the time, the customers are focused on the shabu-shabu, not paying much attention to the projection.

More eye-catching is the delivery robot that runs around. The Haidilao staff told PingWest that the supplier of these food delivery robots is a company called Qinglang Intelligent.

Food delivery robot

According to public information, Qinglang is a startup company specializing in L4-class indoor driverless service robots. Its robots are mainly used in restaurants, hotels, KTV and other service places.

There are two types of service robots that Qinglang has deployed in the Haidilao Smart Restaurant. One is the peanut-feeding robot and the other is the peanut-receiving robot. Consumers are more common in the former.

Receiving robots, pictures from the network

These robots, combined with lidar, depth vision, and robot vision, can navigate forward, turn, and identify obstacles. Encountered obstacles (people, chairs, etc.), the robot will fine-adjust the direction of the forward, back and forward, and other ways to avoid. If there is no hiding, the robot will stop and send out a pre-set warning, "Honey, please excuse me."

In order to test the sensitivity of these robots, PingWest played a test. Standing on the side of the robot's path, waiting for it to be close to one of the positions, suddenly reaching the front, and as a result, it can quickly sense the obstacle in front and stop.

The robot sends the dishes to the designated table number and automatically stops, which is served by the service staff. After serving, click on the control panel and the robot automatically returns to the kitchen.

Image from the web

An interesting detail reflects the customer's curiosity and love for these robots. Originally, a worker patted the device on the robot's head with his hand, and it automatically returned. "because there are so many guests who usually slap the robot on the head, sometimes before we finish the dish, the robot is gone." Cui, a submarine salvage attendant, told PingWest: "so now it's confirmed on the tablet, and the robot returns."

According to the statistics of Qinglang Intelligent Statistics, the peanut feeding robot is currently operating in Haidilao, delivering 150 times a day, transporting nearly 300 trays, which is more than the movement of the passer, and only one piece of robot needs 99 yuan/day. , equivalent to half of the labor costs of the restaurant.

But according to PingWest's observations and inquiries, the delivery robot does not seem to have helped the seabed save much manpower at the smart store.

Since the store is still in the trial operation stage, it is open every day from 11:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 21:00. When the two time periods are just open, the traffic is particularly large, sometimes it can be handled by robots. Come. Especially in a small area next to the lobby, because the aisle is narrower than the lobby, the robot is more troublesome and often sees the waiter delivering food.

“There is a total of 130 people in a store in Haidilao. There are only 100 people in our store. The 30 people saved are all kitchenrs.” A staff member of Haidilao told PingWest to play. These 30 people were all replaced by the picking machine arm.

The "Industrial Internet" of Sea-bottom fishing: the RFID Identification label of the Central Kitchen vegetable cutting and packing Machine arm picking vegetables

In the Haidilao Smart Restaurant, multiple robotic arms form an automated picking process.

The other process of sea fishing is: the customer orders - the background cut vegetables - manual delivery. In the smart restaurant, the process of the dish is: the central kitchen sends the packaged dishes to the restaurant warehouse - the customer orders - the robot arm picks the dishes - manually disassembles the package and checks the quality of the dishes - the robot delivers the dishes.

PingWest has learned that the smart restaurant warehouse is set at 0-4 degrees, suitable for storing soy products, rhizomes and fungi, leafy vegetables, seafood and fresh fish, and pill slip, but not suitable for storing beef and mutton, so they It is still cut by the background staff through the lamb machine.

The classification of dishes in the warehouse is consistent with the iPad ordering procedure. Each arm corresponds to a class of dishes.

After the robot grips the dish, it is placed on the tray. The tray moves along the conveyor belt to the next dish and picks up the dish from the other robot arm. “At the bottom of each plate, there is an RFID tag that allows the system to determine if the dish is still in the shelf life.” A staff member at Haidila told PingWest to play. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals.

Surprise: interactive games in allelic areas

Let's talk about the interactive game of the allele, which is the biggest surprise in the Smart Restaurant.

The function of the subsea area is to minimize the boredom and boredom of customers waiting for meals. There are many round tables and stools, snacks, tea, fruit or porridge, small entertainment items such as Gobang, handmade money reduction, and some stores have manicure and massage chair service.

The allelic area of the Smart Restaurant is designed as an interactive game area, with a partial sci-fi decoration style. Once in it, you can see a large screen, opposite which is the seat area with ladder distribution. The seating area is very dense, with a single seat area small and close to each other.

Image from the web

However, if you participate in interactive games, these discomfort is easy to forget. To participate in the game, you need to download an undersea app, and scan the QR code on the screen, waiting to enter the game.

PingWest experience two games, one is that eight players simultaneously use their mobile phone to control the grab arm on the big screen to grab the food. The top player can get a real dish reward.

The other is 15 players using their mobile phones to control cartoon pandas on large screens, eating bigger supplies and other pandas, while avoiding smaller traps and other aggressive attacks by other pandas. Players who end up at the top of the list can be rewarded with dishes.

PingWest products play two games, the overall feeling of interaction and fun is very strong, dish reward is also a good set, can stimulate allele customers to continue to participate in the next game. In general, this game design allows customers to interact and connect with each other, especially for a group of people to participate in groups, than ordinary seabed fishing allele can kill the waiting time.

Food delivery robots, wraparound projections, picking robots, and interactive games in the same area, these elements together constitute the first smart restaurant in Haidilao. The construction cost of 100 million yuan is finally reflected in the menu. On average, each dish is 15%-30% more expensive than other sea fish, and there are no other stores.

Wisdom element of the addition, can cover the increase in prices, that really depends on the wisdom.

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Submarine fishing flowers 100 million opened between wisdom restaurant no less

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