The State Network Information Office organized Douyin, Kuaishou and other short video platforms to pilot youth anti-addiction system.

A few days ago, a short video platform, such as "Douyin", "Kuaishou", "volcanic small Video," and other short video platforms, was launched on a pilot basis by anti-addiction system, a member of the State Network Information Office, according to China's Internet Information Network. This is our country in the network short video field for the first time try to carry out youth addictive work.

The online trial run of "adolescent anti-addiction system" is built into a short video application. When the user starts the application for the first time every day, the system will make a pop-up prompt to guide parents and teenagers to choose the "adolescent mode", which is more convenient to use. After entering "adolescent mode", users can use time limit, service function is limited, online time is limited, and only youth exclusive content pool can be accessed. The system will also screen and screen the left-behind children users in rural areas by means of geographic location determination, user behavior analysis and other technical means, and automatically switch to the "adolescent mode".

While the short video of the network is developing rapidly, it also causes adolescents to indulge in different degrees of indulgence. Parents and all parties in the society are criticized for this. It is imperative for relevant departments to promote the development and operation of short video platforms.

According to the National Network Office, on the basis of summarizing the pilot experience and improving the management system, in June this year, the nationwide network short video platform will be comprehensively promoted to launch the “Youth Anti-addiction System” and form a unified industry norm.

The person in charge said that preventing young people from indulging in the network requires both Internet companies to earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities and the concerted efforts of all sectors of society, especially the close cooperation between schools and parents. It is necessary to promote technological progress and enhance awareness of prevention in order to make anti-addiction work Good social effects. The National Network Information Office will work with relevant departments to supervise and guide Internet companies to strictly fulfill their main responsibilities and coordinate with all parties to create a good cyberspace for the healthy growth of young people.

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