Google is dismantling the hardware department. Maybe there will be no PixelBook in the future.

[TechWeb] Google has asked dozens of employees in its notebook and tablet divisions to look for new jobs internally, which has raised questions about Google’s hardware plans. At present, Google has not made too good progress in the fiercely competitive computer market, which may be one of the reasons why the company has reduced the size of its internal hardware department.

Google's internal hardware division is called "Create" and is responsible for the development and manufacture of Google's notebook and tablet products.

In the past two weeks, Create employees have received notices of layoffs, including hardware engineers, technical managers and project managers. According to sources, projects in the notebook and tablet divisions have been cancelled, but team members will be looking for new jobs within Google or within Alphabet (Google Parents) under instructions.

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Google has launched Google Pixelbook in the tablet field, which is priced at tens of thousands in China.

Google disassembly hardware maybe no longer PixelBook

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