Jpmorgan analysts cut Tesla's target price 36.8 % lower than Monday's closing price

[TechWeb] JPMorgan analysts lowered the target price for Tesla shares to $195 in a report Monday, 36.8 cents below Monday's closing price, according to foreign media reports on Aug. 21.

The target price of Tesla shares was lowered by jp Morgan analyst Ryan br Brinchmann, who lowered Tesla's December target price to us $ 195 in a report to customers on Monday.

Tesla shares closed at $308.44 on Monday, with Ryan Brinkman offering a target price of $195, 36.8 below Monday's closing price.

And on Aug. 8, the day after Musk Twitter announced it was considering privatizing Tesla at $420 a share, Ryan Brinkman adjusted the Tesla target price to $308. Monday's target price was $113 lower.

In less than half a month, Ryan Brinkman's Tesla share price target was marked and related to Tesla's privatisation.

In the Twitter on August 7, in addition to revealing the news of privatization, Musk also revealed that the funds are guaranteed, and some recent circumstances surrounding privatization have made JPMorgan believe that the funds are not guaranteed and there is no formal proposal. After an evaluation from the fundamentals, Ryan Brinkman lowered Tesla's target price from the previous $308 to $195. (Chilli)

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