B station online interactive video function: only open to the fans who have over 10,000 fans


[TechWeb] if you can dominate the story clues of suspense movies, don't you have to worry about spoilers anymore? Since the launch of Black Mirror: Pandasneki by Netflix at the end of 2018 has triggered a wave of interactive film and television discussions, the interactive content in China has appeared one after another, and in 2019 it has become the "tuyere" of interactive content.

iQiyi was the first to announce its own interactive video platform and technical standards, and launched the interactive drama "His Smile." Tencent Video not only has to build an interactive video ecosystem with industry partners, but also released a series of works including "Fist Quartet" and "I+".

Recently, Station B announced the online interactive video function, but this function is currently in the testing stage, and is only open to UP owners who have over 10,000 fans.

Creators can apply for this feature in the Creative Center - Functional Lab. At the same time, the UP main management interactive video must use the WEB side editor that comes with the B station, and the video story management can be performed after uploading the branch video in the authoring center.

One of the hard indicators of interactive video is the lens switching during the selection process. This requires the video producer to prepare accordingly when shooting, and then maintain a smooth transition through technical means. Compared with iQiyi and Tencent video, the interactive video uploaded by UP is too rudimentary. Most of the content is lightweight, and there is almost no drama at all. It is more like a web game.

Some commentators believe that bilibili may not be planning to do real interactive video at all, just want to wear a layer of interactive video coat, do something else.

Station online interactive video feature only fan volume over 10 000 master open

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