Broadcom and Apple re-sign 2 years of RF component orders are expected to be exclusively available

[TechWeb] According to the MarketWatch, Broadcom has signed a 2-year supply agreement with Apple to continue to provide Apple with RF front-end components and modules, which means that it will not be replaced by Apple's own chip in the short term.

Bolton has signed a two-year supplier agreement with Apple, according to filings filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Bolton agreed to provide specific RF front-end components and modules for Apple's smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, as well as to maintain and allocate sufficient capacity and resources to Apple.

Bolton is a long-term partner of Apple, and its devices date back to the early iPhone, which provided Apple with components including touch screen controllers, wireless charging devices, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The signing of the supply agreement is also expected, as long as Botong is fully supplied, it is expected to rob Qorvo and other RF component suppliers to become Apple's largest supplier of RF components, and possibly even an exclusive supplier. In response, Apple said it agreed to supply the components exclusively as long as it met its quantitative and quality commitments.

After the announcement of yesterday's announcement, the share price of the post-general trading period rose by 2.6% to $287.7. The share price of another radio-frequency component supplier, Qorvo, fell by about 0.5%.

Broadcom apple sign 2 years RF components orders promising exclusive supply

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