[Tiger smell Evening News] Ma Yun talked about 996: this is a great blessing; Liu Qiangdong: the people who hang out are not my brothers


[虎 sniffing evening news] Ma Yun talks 996: This is a great blessing; Liu Qiangdong: people who are mixed are not my brothers

Good evening, everybody.

It’s Friday again! Please open this week's last Tiger Sniff Evening News with the most joyful mood~ Members of the big voices have voiced in today, forcibly bringing the hot topic of public opinion back to "996" from Visual China.

996 is a blessing? Listen to Jack Ma.

In Alibaba's internal communication activities, Ma Yun on the recent hot discussion of the "996" work system to express their own views. "so far, I'm sure I'm above 12x12," he said. I didn't regret 12 x 12, I never changed myself. " It said it would only pay a huge price and one day would pay off. Ali also worked overtime in his early years and needed to review and study in the evening after eight hours of work.

To find out what else is said in Ma Yun's speech, read the full text: Ma Yun talk 996.

Of course, this speech has caused a lot of debate since it was shared. Jack Ma also made some comments on Weibo, such as "any company should not, nor can't force its employees to 996; Alibaba has always advocated, serious life, happy work!" and "not defending the 996, but paying tribute to the strivers!"

Very coincidentally, Liu Qiangdong also discussed his views on the 996 work system in his WeChat moments today.

Liu Qiangdong also talked about 996: people who are mixed up are not my brothers.

On the evening of April 12, Liu Qiangdong just published his views on the "996 work system" on his WeChat moments, and in this excerpt part of the sentence-

JD.com has not implemented the last elimination system in the last four or five years! People expand rapidly, more and more people give orders, fewer and fewer people work, and the number of people living around is increasing rapidly! In this way, JD.com is doomed to no hope! The company will only gradually be ruthlessly eliminated by the market! It's not my brother who's messing around! The true brother must be a fight in the rivers and lakes, together bear the responsibility and pressure, together enjoy the success of the people! JD.com will never force employees 995 or 996, but every JD.com must have the spirit of fighting! | I can no longer work as hard as I did in the early days of my business! But in my physique, 811648 (Monday to Saturday, 8: 00 a.m. to 11:00, Sunday, 8 hours, two days a month, and one long holiday a year) is all right.

In a building, Liu really loves to use the exclamation mark...

So, what do you think of 996?

Regarding Jingdong, there is another rumor that you need to look at -

Employees commit suicide due to layoffs? Jingdong: shameful to the deceased

In response to rumours that "JD.com 's employees committed suicide due to layoffs," JD.com 's spokesman responded on Weibo that the employee had not been involved in the so-called JD.com loan purchase program and had not been laid off, according to our internal knowledge. JD.com said that it is shameful to lie, and even more shameless to those who have died.

Of course, there are some follow-ups to the sights of Visual China.

Some follow-up to Visual China

According to the Office of the Tianjin Municipal Committee for Network Security and Informatization, in response to the situation of visual Chinese websites publishing illegal and illegal picture information, on April 12, the Tianjin Network Information Office set up a work supervision team to enter the Visual China website to store information on the amount of information. Log retention, information audit, information security management, on-duty inspection, emergency disposal, technical support and other aspects of supervision and inspection, to put forward specific rectification opinions on related problems and hidden dangers, and to guide and urge the company to rectify and reform, Advise on the handling of derelict staff to ensure that the corrective work is effective on the ground.

Of course the stock is. It's a limit.

Visual China shares today closed at 25.20 yuan per share.

On April 12, Visual China was interactively answering investors' questions about "when will the three hundred and eighty seven million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine restricted shares of the company be lifted?" Why didn't you send a notice? " The company will apply to the exchange for lifting the ban after its 2018 annual report is disclosed and publish a prompt announcement of the release within three trading days prior to the release of the restricted shares, the company said.

10 years, involving 12,000 lawsuits

According to Tianyue data, Tianyue data shows that since 2009, the visual Chinese main company is Vision (China) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., the company has 141 legal proceedings, and its two companies, Han Hua Yimei, are involved in legal proceedings 4011. Article, Huagai Creative involves more than 8,000 legal proceedings, and the three companies have more than 12,000 dispute cases, of which the majority of cases are infringements against the prosecution of other companies' works.

Let's take a look at the drop.

Drip executives responded to the driver's complaint refund: the success of the appeal has nothing to do with the threat of injury

In response to the failure of the drip driver’s complaint on the Internet, the violent language was used to quickly obtain refunds and points. The CEO of Drip.com’s car company, Fu Qiang, responded in a circle of friends on April 12, confirming after two verifications. The complaint was passed.

He said it was verified that the driver filed a complaint in the system on April 11, after challenging the verdict. For the first time, the system verified that the driver deviated four times in the course of driving in an order on April 10. There was a detour behavior, and the complaint was found to have failed. The driver again complained, entered the manual examination, and the customer service again verified that the end point of the order was consistent with the passenger positioning point, and the difference between the driver's mileage and the estimated mileage was less than 1 kilometer, and the complaint was passed. The whole process of adjudication had nothing to do with whether the driver threatened to hurt others.

Dong Mingzhu is found to increase the share of the new media company _ is to build the image of the KOL more heart?

Miss Dong’s new action

According to Kaixinbao data, Dong Mingzhu increased its stake in Zhuhai Xima Mingzhu New Media Co., Ltd., and its shareholding ratio increased from 42.00% to 72.41%. Zhuhai Xima Mingzhu New Media Co., Ltd. was established on October 30, 2015. This company is mainly responsible for providing public opinion support for Dong Mingzhu and exporting Dong Mingzhu's self-media image. Zhao Hui, the legal representative of the company, is the chairman of Himalayan Advertising and a senior consultant of Gree Electric. He previously held a 42% stake in Mingzhu New Media and has now withdrawn from the ranks of shareholders.

Then there are a few newsletters to get a quick look at -

Byte beat to do music

The South China Morning Post quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the vibrato and headline parent company’s bytebeat was intended to introduce a Spotify-based music streaming product to overseas markets. Informed sources also revealed that the byte jump has set up a team of more than 100 people for the product, and will soon launch the product.

Kuaishou buys Shrimp head

According to the data, recently, the fast parent company Beijing Huayi Huilong Network Technology Co., Ltd. wholly acquired the picture voting social software "Shrimp App", which is operated by Beijing Muyuan Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2017. On June 19, the legal representative was Jia Hongyi, the supervisor of “A Station”. The actual controller and the ultimate beneficiary were the legal representative of the fast-handed Yang Yuanxi, with a shareholding ratio of 90%.

SARFT: Stop broadcasting illegal TV dramas for TV drama projects

On April 12, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a notice saying that it requested to stop broadcasting illegal fund-raising advertisements for film and television drama projects, and thoroughly inspect all the advertisements in the broadcast and the intended broadcast. Anyone with similar problems will stop broadcasting. It is reported that some institutions have recently launched illegal fund-raising activities against the public through Internet, television and other media in the name of investing in film and television drama projects, which has seriously affected economic and financial order and social stability.

Fun shop repo

The store announced on April 12 that it had signed a share purchase agreement with the company's shareholder Kunlun Group Limited on April 12, 2019. Under the agreement, interest stores will buy back 18173885 of its Class A common shares held by Kunlun Group. Previously, Kunlun Group's parent company, Beijing Kunlun Wanwei Technology Co., Ltd. announced that from January 1, 2019 to April 8, 2019, the company had sold eighteen million five hundred and two thousand six hundred and ninety nine shares of its stores, nearly half of its stake in the store.

5G iPhone turnaround machine? Apple said it is still willing to cooperate with Qualcomm

Apple has recently been rumored to be having trouble with the 5G. Intel, its chip partner, may not be able to prepare the 5G this year, but a dispute with Qualcomm has made it difficult to work with the 5G. Apple and Qualcomm are expected to rule in San Diego District Court next week.

According to a Taiwanese media, Apple COO Jeff Williams said in a testimony before the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that, under reasonable circumstances, it will maintain cooperation with Qualcomm and will be willing to pay Qualcomm reasonablely. Authorization fee. Williams also stressed that Apple will still adhere to a number of supply chain cooperation models.

This is the evening's evening paper. I wish you all a pleasant weekend.

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