"Reunion 4", which costs $400 a ticket, will only keep the audience away from the cinema.


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"Avengers 4" breaks the pre-sales fastest broken billion record (Source: Cat Eye Pro)

"Avengers 4" breaks the pre-sales fastest broken billion record (Source: Cat Eye Pro)

More crazy than the pre-sale, is the fare of the zero point field and the morning field of each theater. As early as the film entry system began to officially pre-sale, some studios have already sold the "Emperor" in the most central area of ​​the premiere movie studio for sale, the price is three or four hundred; In the film and television group, almost all about the high fare.

"The movie at the entrance of the cinema is usually tens of dollars, and the zero-point premiere is sold to 250"; "My family is in a four-tier city, usually only 60 IMAX, and the ticket at 0:00 on April 24 is sold to 180"; “Wanda of Jinan, “Thunder Shazan” now has an IMAX fare of 70, a re-launch premiere of 365, and a price in Beijing”...

Tucao from the drug lord readers

Tucao from the drug lord readers

High price in the studio


Toxic eyes open netizens to provide screenshots, 200 yuan, 300 yuan or even 400 yuan ticket prices emerge in endlessly, although some of them bundled snacks, drinks and other meals, but the price is still not cheap. More oddly, many movie studios found that sales were extremely fast after issuing tickets, so the price was raised once or twice an hour or two. One Beijing netizen complains that the price of the Imperial Studios in Beijing doubled in two hours.

Tucao from netizens

Complaints from netizens

Many theaters also started the hunger marketing, only opened the ticket from 0:00 to 3:00 in the morning, and the golden time in the evening still hasn't been released, so if the fans want the first time to buy the ticket, can only choose the field in the morning. Even so, many of the cinema's 0-point and 3-half-time movie tickets were sold out within a few hours after the invoice.

Is the high fare of Fulian 4 reasonable?

This has to be distinguished. In my opinion, the same movie theater, twice the fare on weekdays, is a perfectly reasonable thing. For the theater manager, the film length of the complex 4 is 3 hours, double the ordinary movie, and a series of 4 can be screened in two other movies on weekdays, so from the perspective of guaranteeing theater revenue There are not too many problems with twice the time and twice the fare.


Because of the length of time, a wonderful package introduced by a theater in Peru...

I have no objection to the expensive sales at the zero point. Will be at 0 o'clock to see are the fans of Marvel, the layout of ten years of ending the film, fans for the feelings to pay, one willing to fight a wish, as long as the sale goes out, fans are willing to pay for this "extraordinary premium", I think this is also a market behavior.

But I can't understand some theaters that have already let go of the last afternoon. The fare is still in the range of 200~400 yuan, four times or even five times the normal fare on weekdays. Does the game at 3 pm also require fans to pay for the sentiment? Or go to see at three in the afternoon, there will be different services in the movie hall? With such pricing, what is the significance of being able to kill a fan?

Behind the high fares is not just as simple as supply. The reason why cinemas are so crazy is because this year's business is harder to do than last year. Therefore, it is natural to seize the opportunity to make money and cut the leek.

Opening the Topper Film think-tank, even after the Spring Festival, the average attendance at theaters this year was just 11%, the lowest level since statistics were available. The average one-day profit was 2177 yuan, the lowest since statistics were available, down more than 30 percent from the 2015 high of 3154 yuan.

In less than five years from 2015 to now, the number of cinemas in the country has doubled from less than 5000 to more than 10000, and the number of screens has increased from 30000 yuan to 60000 yuan, and the number of screenings has continued to rise, but in the past two years, there has been stagnant growth or even a decline in the number of movie attendees. Single-screen output has also been falling, with growth falling short of the number of screens and cinemas becoming one of the main contradictions in the market.

In fact, as early as last year, many cinema people complained that business could not continue. The situation of five kilometers and six cinemas in third and fourth-tier cities was abound, and many cinema investors entered the market at the time of the rapid development of the film market. But now the intensity of competition has left them unforeseen.

How intense the theater competition is!

How competitive the cinema is!

In the past two years, the number of screens will still grow by 10,000 blocks a year, but we can't see where the growth of the crowd can come from. Undoubtedly, there will only be one final result. Those small theaters with fewer people and poor management in third- and fourth-tier cities, especially individual theaters without shadows, will close down a lot this year.

Since last year, we have been emphasizing in the article that in the current market environment, location is often not the most important "weapon" of the theater. It is necessary to compete with facilities and services, and patiently cultivate the audience's time node (average daily in 2018) The theater is closed, how should the future cinema survive?), the fans must be taken back to the studio from the channel. It is a short-term high-yield option to release high fares throughout the day with the film, but in the future, this will not be a good decision.

Three or four hundred fares, fans may not feel bad, but may be chilling. Imagine that many of the original content did not respect the audience, and a bunch of traffic stars took a bad film and swept a billion box office. This kind of thing has been effective until 2015 to 2017, but in just three or four years, There are no more viewers paying for such a film. Last year, the film box office of this kind of film almost all went to the streets.

This year, it will cost 80 yuan for a small Mazar to enter a cinema in a fourth-tier city. The audience also voted with their feet and handed over a non-growing Spring Festival segment with a drop in the number of people, only two months after the release of the Reunion 4.

The theater has to be a long-term business, so when the cold is coming, the audience you cultivate will be able to help you warm up.


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