The voice is socially cool: on the social field, "black horse" dislocated

“Where can I download the event?” This is the main problem of the music social app in the past few days.

The last time the encounter fell off the shelf was attributed to: the new version of the technology Bug. In response to this release, the official did not give any response. A person who claimed to be "the wall of news" said that the encounter was due to certain pornographic videos and ads of a large area of illegal elements in the software, so the whole network was off the shelf.

Not just the experience, the regulatory pressure is approaching for the entire voice social industry. Recently, the Office of the Internet has issued a message saying that it will carry out special rectification of niche instant messaging tools, and the first batch of 9 instant messengers that disseminate obscene pornographic information or engage in prostitution and sell pornographic audio and video. Among them are social apps related to audio and video, such as "neighborhood", "talking", and "sense".

Under the established daily living ceiling of the market, the acquaintance social field with WeChat and QQ as the absolute leader has built up a solid barrier. The voice socializes in the social product field that is positioned in strangers and weak relationships, and appears in a dark horse posture. However, as a new thing, there are still problems such as unclear business model and difficulty in retaining users. At this time, the pressure of supervision will follow, will the voice be cool?

Sound social kickhouse

The sudden rise of mobile social products, such as encounter in 2019, is because early social software has failed to meet the new social aspirations of generation Z (post-1995 and post-00s). Sequoia Capital's post-00s pan-entertainment consumption report also shows that post-millennial (post-00s) advocates maverick, social, tidal and individuation, which are the three most valued features of their products.

Voice socialization is innovative in the way of interaction. Even wheat writes homework, eats chicken, and chats. The Z generation has played a new trick. After the graphic/expression pack socializing and video socializing, at the end of 2018, the voice social suddenly burst into flames.

On December 21, after reaching the top of the App Store social list, after 18 consecutive days of encounter, all ranked first in the list. The sound encounter has moved the user, also by the capital pro-favourably. Less than two months after the launch, after getting today's capital angel round, Pre-A round tens of millions of dollars in financing, the encounter was Sequoia Capital China, Banyan Capital led the investment of tens of millions of dollars to become a star product.

Source: eye check

Source: eye check

Another sound social product, ah, rushed into the top 10 of the App Store list on the eve of the Spring Festival. It now appears that the squeaky back of litchi is almost stable in the top 15 of the social networking list. As early as January 2018, in Zhihu, Douban launched a large number of promotion of Soul on the DST Global lead investment B round financing. The investor in star social projects such as Snapchat, Momo, pulse, probe, and so on, has also brought industry attention as well as injecting money into Soul.

At present, the sound social products have different ways of playing, and the game is composed of online k song short video information stream, live broadcast, coupled with strong social property fast matching, friend building, forming team, lead singer, etc., constructing a gamification Musical social scene. Soul gives several test questions, using algorithms to match the three viewers and the closer strangers, called "soul pairing". Oops, the sound attributes are identified, and they are divided into "Loli" and "Ruiya", which are matched by real-time sounds, and then socialized by scenes.

A large number of social products have created a diverse virtual social scene for the post-95s. Lai Zhilong, the founder of Litchi, had previously said that after 95, he liked to interact online. For them, virtual is no longer a foreplay of reality. "The social after the 95s is not going to meet, they live in a virtual world, they don't need to meet. The reason is very simple, the imagination of the sound is very large, and the meeting will destroy this imagination."

Incomplete statistics on Tech show that there are now more than 30 sound social App. on the market From the user market response, voice social really tore open the mouth of the social arena.

Regulatory advancement, voice social dilemma

The voice of barbaric growth is social, and it is naturally targeted by spam advertisements and yellow information. Even on some social voice software, there are users who do pornography in the name of voice social. Platform registration thresholds are low, age restrictions are loose, anonymity, and voice can be camouflaged naturally, which adds to the problem of regulation.

After the "black horse" sound in the social field of sound, it was taken off the shelf. The only voice of the official voice was on the official Weibo, saying that due to system maintenance, the recent modification of the album and avatar may be relatively slow, and other functions are not affected.

In the "Communication Community Convention" issued by the Ministry of Music, the author emphasized that "the prohibition of deliberately imitating all kinds of voices with sexual provocation" is prohibited. "It is forbidden to deliberately publish low-profile pornographic videos, guide the vulgar interaction in the field", and "sound individuals" It is forbidden to put pictures with propaganda purpose and pictures with abusive texts such as group number and QQ number in the album."

These problems are clearly exposed, and in fact, voice-socializing is also a highly regulated zone. A voice socialist told Tech about games, social content and young people, a few of which would have focused more on regulation as a whole. Audit and content control need to pay more attention, including real name certification, minor protection and so on.

Voice-networking platforms are clearly focused on such issues, but the platform's own review of content is also difficult. A platform audit editor said the image and text now AI recognition technology is relatively mature, but audio, video, such as difficult to directly identify. A static, a dynamic monitoring is obviously not the same, the latter will be much more difficult. In addition to the algorithm, big data and other technical means to control, but also require a large number of manual audit, but this will lead to slow audit problems.

The user Wang Fei (pseudonym) said that he did not understand the platform review method. The 100% of the submission volume was reviewed and blocked by 75%, and the remaining 25% were purely sold and run a lot. The audit system is not ideal, resulting in a very poor user experience. The content of the event caused the review to be slow, and the "old lead singer" slammed the list, and the "new lead singer" could not be mixed. Only the old lead singers "only lead the country", the user could not find the feedback problem. As a result, the user does not want to continue playing, resulting in a large number of user churn.

For the entire voice social industry, regulation is still pending. Judging from the recent supervision and control of niche instant messaging tools by the Internet Office, it seems that the regulation is not far off. The voice social platform urgently needs to come up with a solution to actively respond to regulators and users.

Where does the voice socialize?

The 2019 Spring report on China Mobile Internet released by QuestMobile also mentioned that voice networking could be the next vehicle after text-based and video-based social networking, but still faced high user unload rates and industry regulation issues.

It is worth noting that before the acquisition of the entire network of the App, the user retention of the audio and video users has shown a downward trend. From the peak period in January, the number of independent devices for the monthly encounter was 3.13 million units, and only 1 million units remained in March, with a user churn rate of 68%. A large number of users experience a rapid loss after the new period. This kind of content aggregation socialization in the weak relationship of strangers, the short-lived social relationship formed by the gamification scene created by grabbing wheat and K songs, it is difficult to form a continuous relationship chain.

Source: Eli data

Source: iResearch data

In fact, whether it is live video, short video, or social voice, live audio, users are at Kill time. Based on the weak relationship between strangers, when the Z generation loses freshness to a certain type of voice social product, the platform can only repeat the new action, but the user must have a customer ceiling.

To solve the problem of the retention and commercialization of voice social products, the core solution is how to strengthen the social relationship chain. A game voice social platform practitioner tells Tech Planet that there is a weak relationship between strangers and social interactions. The strength of the relationship chain generated by users on the platform and the number of relationship chains will affect the time users retain.

Their solution is to enhance the scene conversion. The platform from the mobile game voice tool to the mobile game social process, no longer use the game black as the only use scene, start to create new social functions and gameplay, including dating friends, points Singing halls, radio stations, etc., so that acquaintances and strangers can create connections in the platform, forming a more stable relationship chain, prompting users to stay in the application for a longer time. After the business is rolled out, entertainment value-added charges will also increase.

Content regulation is also a problem that must be solved by voice social products. From the product itself, most of the voice social products are based on the anonymous social interaction of strangers. Whether at home or abroad, anonymous socialization has always been difficult to regulate, and it is easy to become a breeding ground for pornography, violence, rumors, personal attacks and even criminal behavior.

PostSecret, known as the anonymous social originator, Secret, an anonymous social platform based on the acquaintance circle, and an anonymous social platform that has been violently ruined in China, have been declared dead due to auditing mechanisms and supervision. Therefore, the clearness of the information in the application, the topping of the industry norms and the implementation of supervision are the swords that hang over the top of the voice social platform and need to be resolved.

Voice social cold social pitch black horse runaway

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