Can the medicine in the voice era cure the disease in the mobile Internet era?

Can the medicine in the voice era cure the disease in the mobile Internet era?

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In this year's government work report, 2019 will be a national implementation of the "carry-over network." Media interpretation of this is mostly: "the number transfer network gives consumers full freedom of choice," and "carry the number transfer network gives relatively weak operators the opportunity to compete for more market share." Is it true that users can change operators with their numbers? Let's start with the name "carry-over".

"Portable number transfer" is the business name

The "carry-over" network, mentioned in the government's work report, is a business launched by the China Institute of Information and Communications Research, part of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in collaboration with related units. After the success of carrying number transfer service, the user changed the operator, but still retained the original number.

The design of number-carrying transfer network was completed more than ten years ago. At that time, the main problem to be solved in the voice age is that users can still be paged after changing the service provider. Is it hard?

According to China's technical standards, the first few mobile phone numbers represent different operators. In communication, network connections should be made through the judgment of these digits. For example, if the number you call is China Mobile, the communication network will connect the phone to China Mobile, and then the China Mobile network will page the user.

Initially, only the first three digits of the number need to be judged, and it is possible to determine which carrier is present. Later, when the virtual operator appears, it is necessary to determine the fourth digit to know which virtual carrier of the basic telecommunications carrier.

Therefore, before the number-carrying transfer service appears, users have to change the telephone number to another operator in order for the new operator to serve you. Because if your number remains the same, when someone calls you, the network will also transfer the phone to the original operator, how is it possible to find you?

So there is a port number transfer business. This service is to establish a public database, store all customer information with the same operator but the same number, and complete the information synchronization and network connection work. In China, the unit that does this work is the Institute of Information and Communication.

The main business process of "carrying the number to the network"

There are two main processes of this service, one is the acceptance of the number transfer service and the other is the connection of the users of the carry number transfer network. There are a lot of technical details, here is a brief introduction.

Carry number transfer net accept

When a user applies for a port number transfer service, it must first be confirmed by the carrier. Whether the customer has the qualification to transfer the network, the user who has arrears and the package has not expired cannot be processed.

It is worth mentioning that since December 1 last year, customers can through text messages to inquire if they have the conditions to carry the number, but also can use SMS applications for this business. This measure has improved the customer experience and increased the success rate of the number transfer, and those who are not qualified to switch to the network do not have to run into the business hall for nothing.

If the client is qualified and makes an application, the number is recorded in the Newswire system. This information will be synchronized to the system of three telecom operators to let them know which operator the number now belongs to. At this point, the carrier operator is not entitled to refuse.

Connection of number-carrying transfer network users

If a 139 user has handled the port number transfer service, it will be replaced by Unicom. At this time, a call comes in, what needs to be done by the communication network?

From the user number, it is no longer possible to easily determine which operator this user is. The communication network needs to further determine which operator is the user.

Mode one: synchronize all the subscriber information of the number-carrying transfer network to the end office of the operator, let each switch make a number decision, and where the call should be transferred. Mode 2: to deploy the subscriber information on a node of the operator, each connection is made on this node to determine where the call should be transferred. Mode 3: the user information of the number transfer network is deployed on the system of the communication center, and each connection is judged by the communication center system, and the call should be transferred to where to which the call should be transferred.

Although the customer who carries the number to the network is only a very small part of the user, all the calls of all operators must change the connection process, and the judgment of whether the called user is a portable number transfer user is required. The system transformation brought by the port number transfer has a large amount of cost and high cost, which may also affect the quality and delay of the connection. These are the reasons why the port number transfer service is quite controversial on the operator side.

Therefore, the method is not feasible, the cost of the whole network transformation is too great; the third method is not feasible, and the pressure of the ICT system is too great. In the end, only mode two can be chosen.

How to transfer value-added services to users who carry the number

Finally finished voice service, mobile communication upgrade, mobile phone users use a variety of value-added services. Can these services be brought to the new service provider along with the "carry number transfer network"?

The initial answer is: No. Even value-added services that are available to all three operators, such as bank SMS notifications, are not acceptable.

The principle is very simple: because the bank system is also based on the customer number to determine which operator should send the text message if the operator instead of the number change the banking system will also send the information to the original operator; And the operator is no longer serving the customer, naturally unable to send this text message to the host.

With more and more value-added services, customer demand in this respect is becoming more and more intense, how to solve it? The current approach is: let the system of value-added services and services such as banks also be connected to the system of the XSC, synchronize the information of the users of the number-carrying transfer network, and then let the SP system be upgraded and revamped, and add the judgment of the users of the number-carrying transfer network. So that text messages can be sent to the users of the new operator there.

In order to promote this work, the Institute of Information and Communication has also set up a special industrial organization, the Code Number Service Promotion Group, to invite relevant units to participate one by one, both in terms of technical standards, overall organization, and coordination in business operations and management. Relationship between the parties. At present, this organization has already had dozens of member units, and the content and scope of communication and discussion are becoming wider and wider. From the rights of users who have transferred to the network, to the management of secondary numbering, number marking and service, it has gradually become A professional technical group dedicated to number management and application in the industry.

For the Institute of Information and Communication, the number management platform built with the “portable number transfer” service is a treasure. Based on the data and number management functions of this platform, many innovative businesses can be derived. The ICT is a neutral third-party role. Therefore, we have the credibility to conduct business, so there is a lot of room for development along this trajectory.

Mobile Internet era, mobile phone number becomes ID

In recent years, the country implements the real name system in the Internet field, users also need to carry on the real name system authentication when registering on the Internet. In several real-name authentication modes approved by the government, the authentication mode of mobile number + SMS authentication provided by telecom operators is both convenient and secure. As a result, many Internet enterprises guide customers to register their mobile phone numbers as user ID. However, customers do not know that this registration of mobile phone numbers as ID, may bring trouble to their future off-line, network transfer.

Use your own mobile phone number as ID in the website registration, off-line how many businesses use mobile phone number as ID registration, how much of this happened, do you remember? If you give up this number, will you still be able to retrieve the registered ID? More cumbersome, if the number is reused and the next user uses the number, it is possible to log in to these sites as the original owner.

Although the real-name authentication is carried out by the operator's number, the registration login is the operation of the customer on the website or APP, and will not be retained on the side of the telecom operator. In other words, telecom operators do not know when and where the subscriber took this number to register what business, naturally in the subscriber sales number when the user can not remind the user to unregister the associated information.

The user has registered with the number what website and the business, may forget oneself, cannot cancel or change; the operator handles the sale account, does not know where the user has done the registration and the registration, therefore does not help; And the site does not know the user account, neither know nor can release the previous binding relationship with the user. It looks like it's a dead knot, and no one can break it.

In the era of mobile Internet, the “portable number transfer” service can help customers not be affected by ID changes, so it is well received. However, I jumped out and thought, can I only use the "carrying number to transfer network" to achieve this effect?

The company has established a neutral “code number service platform”, which allows operators to synchronize the number of customers to the code number service platform. This platform handles the problem of clearing the order relationship of the subscribers. If the website or other organization accesses the code number service platform, it can obtain the operator's phone number to cancel the account, clean up its own users, or remind the user to change the information.

Some mobile Internet allows users to log on to different ID registration, can also avoid this impact. For example, when logging in on WeChat, ID can be my mobile phone number, QQ number, WeChat account, even if I change the phone, I can log in with other accounts, and then change the phone number.


In the voice era, in order to enable the number ported users to connect to the phone, whether it is a neutral platform or a telecom operator, it has to pay a high price. Today, the greater value of mobile phone numbers is used as an ID to become a credential for customers to enter the mobile Internet. The cost of porting the number to the network is very high and the price is very high. I agree with this; but I think this solution can help relatively weak operators. I really don't think so.

This article from the micro-channel public number: Shangru Inn (CMCC-ningyu), Author: Happy father.

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Voice age medicine cure internet age disease

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