Why don't you go to KTV after 90?


Why don't you go to KTV after 90?

This article is from WeChat official account: neogene X Research Institute (ID:thefairlab), author: director X, head picture from: Oriental IC

Director's daily broken thoughts:

A few days ago, a friend complained to me that her leader loved to build the KTV team and ordered a bunch of Beyond, Ren Xianqi. Fan Xiaoxuan and young colleagues were embarrassed. So she chose to drink, pretend to be drunk, sleep, wait to be woken up by her colleagues, and then leave together.

The bad KTV is different. There is only one kind of good KTV: you want to sing and sing.

Once in KTV, we played and cried and laughed, and even sang beautifully. If you sing badly, you won’t hold it, and if you sing well, you will be very worried. A private room is a paradise, weaving our youth with songs, clean and direct, intimate and beautiful.

It's KTV, or you've changed?

We all miss the lost time, not because it is not good now, but because it was easier to be happy. When they grow up, the friends become very busy, busy with one strange meal after another.

The longer you grow up, the more lonely you feel, the less you have to be with you, but you have to be socially annoyed. In those KTVs that are embarrassed but unable to escape, are you too busy to forget, Jay Chou, who we sang together in those years.

This article is from WeChat official account: ID:thefairlab, author: director of X.

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90 after don't go KTV

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