2019 new iPhone will use ultra-small front-facing camera


[TechWeb] According to a number of foreign media research on the launch time of Apple's autumn new product conference in previous years, it is speculated that the 2019 new iPhone will be officially unveiled on September 10 or 12 this year. As the release time approaches, there is a daily news about the machine. Now there is the latest news, according to well-known analyst Guo Minghao, the 2019 new iPhone is very likely to carry a small front camera.

According to Guo Ming-xu, an analyst at Tianfeng International, the new iPhone this year is likely to carry an ultra-small front camera to further reduce the area of Liu Hai, thus achieving a higher screen proportion. This is basically in line with the previous release, but for the overall screen scheme, which is more helpful in improving the screen proportion, even if the area of Liu Hai is reduced, but the design of Liu Haiping, which has been abandoned, can still be much more attractive.

In other respects, according to the previous exposure news, the 2019 version of the new iPhone will still have three models, both will use the "Yuba" type camera module, in which the iPhone XI/XI Max will be upgraded to the rear three-shot, adding a Sony super wide-angle lens . The new version of the iPhone XR will also be upgraded to a rear dual camera with a new multi-zoom lens. In addition, there have been reports that the new iPhone will also upgrade the fast charge specification and will be expected to adopt the Type-C interface.

It is reported that, not surprisingly, the new generation of iPhone will still be released around September this year, Liu Haiping designers can not run, want to really full screen iPhone to 2020, when the screen camera and screen fingerprint unlock will also be achieved, although this is no longer a new technology. We will wait and see for more details.

For truth screen exploration 2019 new iPhone super small front camera

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