Apple abandoned its planned investment of $1 billion to set up a second data center in Denmark

[TechWeb] on June 12, according to foreign media reports, on Tuesday, local time, Apple said it had decided to cancel plans to set up a second data center in Denmark, instead of expanding another data center in the country.

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For a long time, Denmark and other Nordic countries have been attracting companies that are eager for electricity because of their renewable energy resources such as hydropower and wind energy. Now, they are also attracting technology companies because they have the potential to use renewable resources to generate electricity at relatively low cost.

Apple initially plans to set up two data centers in Denmark, powered by wind and biomass energy. The first phase of the first data center near the town of Viborg will be completed later this year.

In 2017, Apple said it had purchased 285 hectares of land for the construction of a second data center in Aabenraa near the German border.

In July 2017, Apple announced plans to spend nearly $1 billion to build a second data center at Aabenraa.

But the company said on Tuesday:``As we're about to complete the Newcastle data center in the middle of the Danish Peninsula, we decided to focus on expanding the data center rather than building another data center at Aabanraa. '' ``(Little Fox).

Apple give up Denmark build data Center original Plan Investment US $1 billion

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