Us delegation comments on hosting 2018 wedding industry summit to create " new service" for marriage

On August 20th, the US Mission's 2018 Marriage Industry Summit was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, the “omni-channel” marketing products of the marriage industry were released for the first time, providing merchants with a “new service” guide for marriage. In addition, the "2018 US Mission Review Marriage Industry Blue Book" was officially released at the summit, comprehensively interpreting the new main force, new category and new model of the marriage industry.

"Marriage population has been declining for four years, and the downward trend is expected to continue until 2021. At the same time, the post-90s and post-95s people will become the main force of marriage. They are more independent and individualized. Facing this new situation and new main force, marriage merchants need to better play their service advantages, do meticulous and diversified management." Zhang Tao, general manager of the marriage department, said.

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Photo: Mei Tao, General Manager of the Marriage Division, speaks at the summit

According to Zhang Tao, the marketing system provided by the US Mission’s Marriage Division for merchants was mostly based on online. “This marketing system covers most of the traditional visitors and conversion scenarios, but still cannot meet the individual needs of the new generation of married people. "Mei Tuan Comments Married omnichannel products came into being.

The whole channel products of Meituan Dianping marriage industry include intelligent poss, (Virtual Reality VR module, WeChat Mini Program and traditional online and offline marketing modules.

On-line channels, the new VR view site functions are popular with young users. Previously, at LOVE LAB, the Meituan Dianping Wedding Shanghai offline experience Center, visitors to the store were able to view hundreds of wedding venues in Shanghai using VR devices. Now the VR site has been copied from offline to online, and users can browse to the wedding venue on their mobile phones.

"instead of going anywhere in the summer, you can use VR on the Dianping APP to see the hotel entrance, lobby, reception arrangement, venue layout, dressing room, and so on first. You have a certain understanding of the style, size, and movement of the venue. Go to the intended venue again, save time and energy, the mobile phone VR view the venue is more intuitive and truthful than looking at the plane picture that the businessman has repaired, have to praise the progress of the science and technology. " Shanghai a ready marriage netizen so appraised.

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Photo: public comments on VR in app to see effect of marriage venue

In the offline channel, through the integration of smart phone, SaaS + smart hardware, "exhibition, shop, festival" (that is, offline exhibition, offline experience store, wedding shopping festival), to provide users with more accurate services, help businesses improve the whole closed-loop transaction.

Emerging social marketing channels are also particularly critical. "WeChat Mini Program" era, many businesses want to seize the huge social traffic dividend WeChat, Meituan Dianping marriage division for merchants and WeChat also led the red line. On the one hand, to help married businesses build their own WeChat Mini Program, synchronize the information of Dianping merchant pages with one click, and at the same time, provide the self-marketing tools of ecological customization of WeChat for merchants; on the other hand, The introduction of a wealth of wedding scene interactive Mini Programs applications, such as check-in, games, lottery, wedding guests interactive sharing can be linked to the merchant stores, effectively enhance brand exposure and transformation.

In addition, when WeChat searches for wedding keywords such as “Wedding”, “Wedding” and “Wedding Photography” on WeChat, the top display is the nearby business information provided by the public comment, which enhances the search traffic for the merchants and creates a comprehensive WeChat. Marketing ecology.

After the closed loop of " getting customers - transforming - trading" is completed, meituan comments on intelligent pos can also help married merchants to complete consumption evaluation management, re - marketing, etc. and feed back the front-end getting customers link so that merchants can have a positive and positive cycle of operation.

Black technology, light application and full closed loop. meituan comments on the marriage division is using a full channel product system to help businesses serve a new generation of married people and create a " new service" for future marriages.

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