Boeing still has a $400 billion aircraft order, 80% is the 737 model

The crash of the Ethiopian Airlines ET302 aircraft sounded the alarm of the entire aviation industry. In the accident, all 157 passengers and crew on board were killed, the second catastrophic accident involving the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in a few months.

Boeing 737MAX-8

Since then, institutions in China, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Ethiopia have suspended the 737MAX aircraft within their jurisdiction. This is an amazing turning point for the best-selling commercial airliner series ever.

Boeing, the US industrial giant, has sold 15000 Boeing 737 single-channel jets since the 1960s, according to Business Insider. The 737 Max is the latest and fastest-selling version of the series, with more than 5000.

Boeing's passenger aircraft division, Boeing Civil aircraft Company (Boeing Commercial Airplanes), has accumulated 5870 aircraft orders worth more than $400 billion; so far, the number of orders outstanding for Boeing 737 has reached 4699, or as much as 80 percent.

The Boeing 737MAX series, together with the previous generation of 737NG, is produced at Boeing's Renton, Washington plant. The Boeing 737NG series includes the 737, 600, 737, 700 and 737, 800, etc.

Boeing 737-600 (pictures from Wikipedia)

By the end of 2018, Boeing had increased the monthly production of 737 to 52, and this year plans to produce 57 a month. Boeing delivered 256 737MAX aircraft to customers last year, accounting for nearly half of the 737 series. And with the shutdown of the 737NG, the 737MAX will shoulder the burden of the 737 this series of burdens.

Boeing $4000 000 000 aircraft orders 80% 737 models

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