QQ account logout function is officially online! Mobile QQ Android version has been pushed UPDAT


It Home March 13-Tencent today sent a v7.9.9 update to Mobile QQ Android users, which has brought a lot of attention to the QQ account cancellation feature. For this function, some netizens said, this is not to cancel the QQ number, is to write off a generation of youth.

QQ screenshot 20190313175115

QQ account logout method as follows: set-account, device security page, you can find the bottom of the logout account options.

The following criteria are required to apply for a QQ logout account:

Need to ensure that the account is in a secure state, QQ payment property clearance, voucher clearance and QQ platform authority to be removed, other App and website account unbound, and so on.

It needs to be reminded that QQ can not be recovered after logging out of the account. Please back up the important information files on the QQ account before you confirm the logout.

QQ account Logout feature official online phone QQ Android Edition push UPDAT

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