Yu Lianbing, chairman of YouExpress Express, died unexpectedly.



On the evening of May 3, YouSpeed Logistics Co., Ltd. issued an internal announcement that Mr. Yu Lianbing, chairman and president of YouExpress Express, died in an accident. After discussion by the board of directors of the company, Superior now appoints Chairman Mok Haoqiang of Hong Kong as President of Superior Speed. It is understood that Mok Haoqiang is one of the founders of Superior Speed, previously responsible for Superior's business in Hong Kong.

The announcement said the current speed operation order is normal, the network status is stable, the work and mission advancement has not been affected in any way.

Mr. Yu owns 39 percent of the company directly, and indirectly through other agencies, with a total stake of more than 41 percent, making him the company's largest shareholder and actual controller, according to Kai Shin Bao. Express Express is one of the domestic large package delivery giants, in the industry, Yu Lianbing is also known as the "King of large packages." In the competition with one reach in all directions and Shun Feng, JD.com, Yu Lian-Bing once shouted "to live in the cold winter."

As the founder and helm of Superior Express, Yu Lianbing has always been regarded as the soul of Superior Express. Born in 1972, 47-year-old, 17-year-old from Sichuan to Shenzhen, two years later to start a business, engaged in ticketing agents, international express agency and other businesses. From 2002 to 2009, he successively participated in the establishment of express, Longbang express and other companies, in November 2009 in Humen founded you express, as chairman of express.

In the past ten years, You Express Express has gradually developed into a courier army of over 60,000 people. Its business involves cross-border e-commerce, Hong Kong and Taiwan business, air transportation, railway operation, etc. The business map radiates from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. There are 93 distribution centers in the country, nearly 5,000 business outlets, and more than 10,000 vehicles for transportation and delivery.

In 2015, Yu Lianping positioned its product strategy as a door-to-door service for 2kg-100kg package delivery. As a result, Foxconn, Haier, 1919 and other companies at home and abroad have become superior strategic partners. In March 2018, Yu Lianping once again decided to direct and precise focus on large packages and launch large package time-effective products. In the competitive Chinese express delivery market, Superior is the first company to clearly position the product strategy in the large package express delivery service, and widely used the "large package premium speed" advertising language in the market.

Yu Lianbing is enthusiastic about public welfare. In 2015, Yu Lianbing announced that the “Free Lunch” public service advertisement will be printed on the Super Express Courier box, and the courier will be used as a new media to spread positive energy to the society. In December 2008, Yu Lianbing rushed to Sichuan Qingchuan to send warmth to the students of the six schools affected by the winter, with cash donations of 380,000 yuan.

Today, Yu Lianbing accidentally passed away, Mo Haoqiang took over as president. Although the company’s normal business has not been affected, the death of the largest shareholder and major founder will affect the current transformation of the company. In the long run, it is bound to be a good strategy for the future. influential. However, for the successor Mo Haoqiang, the industry also expressed optimism: "Mo Haoqiang as one of the founding members of the speed, and has been responsible for the speed of business, with the ability to manage the entire speed."

Excellent speed express delivery chairman Yu Lianbing accident death

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