Huayin Capital Dongsha Lake Fund Town to launch "Plan B" to focus on To B Venture Capital

[TechWeb] on April 15, the "Plan B" To B venture capital, jointly sponsored by domestic first-line funds, industry experts, media and enterprises, was officially launched at the 2012 Annual artificial Intelligence Industry Summit of FUS Orion.

According to reports, "B Plan" aims to build a To B field venture capital connector, aggregate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, promote the deep cooperation of the project, and provide resources services for To B entrepreneurs.

Dongsha Lake Fund Town is the "Plan B" guidance unit, Huayin Capital for the "Plan B" rotating chairman unit.

In addition, the first batch of members of Plan B include Yuanhe Chenkun, Yuanhe Zhongyuan, Yuanhe Origin, Yuanhe Huachuan, Jinsha River Joint Capital, Kunzhong Capital, Galaxy Venture Capital, Guoke Jiahe, Yunqi Capital, Fangguang Capital, Qing controlled Ginkgo biloba, Zhong Ding Capital five Yue Capital, GSR Ventures, Yuan Jing Capital, Polar Light Venture Capital, Gobi Venture Capital, German Tong Capital, Datai Capital, Songhe Capital, Ula Capital, Ventech China,Vitruvian Partners, Indus Tree Capital, Zheng and Huitong, ABI Yuan Shi Capital, Feldspar capital, Ming Shi capital, Fengyuan capital, Sanxing capital, German capital. Hunt Cloud net as the "plan B" designated venture capital cooperation media.


Huaying Capital East Shahu Fund Town Initiation Planning Focus To Venture Capital

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