Google AI Assistant can automatically order restaurants for you

On October 9, Google held a new product release meeting, at which Rick Oster Loh, head of Google hardware, first took the stage to introduce the new features Google will introduce this year. Oster Loh first made a joke about the disclosure of new hardware information. Oster Loh said this year is the 20th anniversary of Google's establishment. Twenty years later, Google is still committed to providing users with faster searches.

Now, of course, Google believes that faster search should not just reduce the time it takes to get answers. For Google, the hope is to help users figure out what they are searching for. While it is still up to hardware to support this step, Google wants software intelligence to make it easier and faster for users to get their work done.

So now Google has added AI technology, such as translation and speech recognition, and with its understanding of how people talk, Google can accurately recommend the next word that users may use for new functions such as smart composition. Then came the recent thrilling mobile phone hotel booking incident. After AI joined, Google said that although it might be creepy, AI could help users book and call restaurants in the future.

In addition, Google spent years researching computer vision technology and analyzing "hundreds of millions of photos" to better identify objects, faces and even concepts. Google can help users take photos like digital SLR cameras, optimize the shooting of the video, and use the lens to understand what the camera is shooting.

So why did Google do this? It is because Google thinks everyone invests in artificial intelligence, but Google still does better than anyone else. Combined with artificial intelligence software and hardware, I hope to provide users with Google devices that belong to individuals.

Google AI Assistant Auto Book Restaurant

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