Amazon CEO Bezos tweets praising his ex-wife's decision to donate charity

[TechWeb] May 29th news, according to foreign media reports, just one month after the completion of the divorce procedure with Bezos, Mackenzie announced that she had signed a "donation vow", promised to donate at least half After the wealth was used for charity, Bezos also tweeted the ex-wife’s charitable donation decision after learning the news.


Mr. Bezos and Mr. McKenzie announced their divorce on January 9, after 25 years in hand, and on April 4, Mr. McKenzie first announced that they had completed their marriage termination procedures and published property distribution plans, and Mr. Bezos then forwarded the Twitter, which Amazon also submitted the relevant documents to the SEC after receiving the notification from Bezos.

According to the property distribution plan announced at the time, Mackenzie received 4% of Amazon shares, Bezos retained another 12%, in order to support Bezos to continue to control Amazon, McKenzie will also 4% The voting rights of the Amazon shares were handed over to Bezos.

4% of Amazon's shares are now worth more than $3.5 billion, and Aceh has pledged to donate at least one-half for charity, which means that she will now be more than $175 billion if it is committed.

Although he is currently divorced, Bezos and Mackenzie said on January 9 that they will still be cherished friends when they announced their divorce. Mackenzie signed a "donation vow" and promised to donate at least half of his personal wealth. Also received the praise of Bezos.

On Tuesday, local time, Bezos said on Twitter that Mackenzie's philanthropy performance would be amazing, thoughtful and productive, and he was proud of her. (chili guest)

Amazon CEO Bezos hair push text praise ex-wife charity donation

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