Spring Festival Film Resources leaked collectively the National copyright Administration took the hit


[TechWeb] February 11th news, the New Year's Day, "Wandering Earth", "Flying Life", "Crazy Alien" and many other films, but just released one day, all the videos on the Internet pirated resources, Some people even sell it at the price of “one dollar, one yuan, three yuan package”.

It is worth mentioning that some films have a definition of 720P, which does not look like the "gun version" of videotape at all, but more like being copied from source files, which some in the industry call "the biggest leak in the history of Chinese cinema." on February 10, The National copyright Administration issued a statement on this.

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According to the National Copyright Administration, after the joint action of multiple departments and rights holders, the piracy of the Spring Festival movie has been curbed. Serious infringement and piracy will be handed over to the public security department to take severe measures against criminal films to protect outstanding domestic films.

In Xinyang, Henan Province, some cinemas sell for more than 100 yuan, and a prime-time ticket can sell for 160 yuan, far exceeding normal prices and even more expensive than first-tier cities, according to netizens.

Spring Festival file film resources collective leak national copyright office shot blow

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