Red, yellow and blue have to be renamed, whitewashed or transformed?

Red, yellow and blue to change the name, white or transformation?

In the doubts of netizens, "I will know you when I change a vest" and "Is this whitewashed?", red, yellow and blue have to be renamed.

On February 9th, the Red, Yellow and Blue Education Announcement, the main contents are two: First, it will acquire nearly 70% of the equity of a private children's education group in Singapore at a price of 125 million yuan, and the second is to plan to name the company from “RYB Education”. "Change to "GEH Education", but did not announce the corresponding Chinese name in the announcement.

Word of mouth, water is difficult to collect

Shi Yanlai, founder of Red, Yellow and Blue Education, said in the announcement that the acquisition was conducive to the company's brand and business expansion: "International English and bilingual courses, as well as the quality education management team being acquired, "it will create significant synergies with our operations in China and enhance our competitive edge in the core early childhood education market in China."

Although no new Chinese name has been released, the announcement says the new company name is intended to strengthen the core red, yellow and blue kindergarten brand, Play-and-Learn services and other brands under the company's platform for the company's brand. Continuous expansion of products and services. The announcement said that the board of directors of Red, Yellow and Blue Education had approved the change of name and would submit it to the company's shareholders' meeting for further approval.

For the red, yellow and blue name change, the netizen commented fiercely, and this was interpreted as "washing white". The high-profile comments on Weibo’s related news include “This is the easiest way to directly delete history.” “I want to change my face and re-do it?” I changed your vest to know you.

In November 2017, it was revealed that child abuse had occurred in Guanzhuang Kindergarten, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with unidentified white tablets and pinholes in the bodies of young children becoming the most disturbing evidence of the year. Less than two months after ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange, shares in Red, Yellow and Blue were hit by a sharp drop in their brand image, which was difficult to repair.

In all educational institutions, kindergartens have no pressure to test and score points. Parents' perception of kindergarten brand is subjective and emotional. The impact of child abuse on the brand image of red, yellow and blue is devastating. After more than a year has passed, the netizen is still "hate and itch".

Transformation, the only way

But in addition to "washing white", the red, yellow and blue name change is actually the only way under policy pressure.

On November 15, 2018, the State Council of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued some opinions on deepening the reform and standardized development of preschool education. The opinions put forward that a series of reform measures should be carried out in the field of preschool education. These include "emphasizing universal and inclusive benefits", "strengthening teacher building" and "curbing excessive profit-seeking" and so on. The biggest impact on listed companies, such as red, yellow and blue, is undoubtedly this

Private gardens are not allowed to be individually or as part of the assets package listed. Listed companies shall not invest in profit-making kindergartens through stock market financing and may not purchase the assets of profit-making kindergartens by issuing shares or paying cash.

The US stock market reacted very quickly. On November 15, the red, yellow, and blue shares plummeted by more than 50 percent, and twice during that time, they fused. (opinions) built a high wall between capital and kindergartens, as a company with a core asset of for-profit kindergartens. The prospect of red, yellow and blue was overshadowed again.

On September 27, 2017, Red, Yellow and Blue Education landed on the New York Stock Exchange.

On January 22 this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Management of Kindergarten Supports in Urban Residential Areas". The "Notice" requires that the supporting kindergartens in the community should be run by the local education administrative department or entrusted to become a public welfare park. It is not allowed to be a for-profit kindergarten; the for-profit kindergartens that have already been opened will complete the relevant procedures by the end of September 2019.

The notice has caused panic among private education practitioners, speculating whether it is an important signal that "for-profit private kindergartens will withdraw from the stage of history." Although officials from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development immediately came forward to interpret the policy, saying that private gardens will not withdraw from the historical stage, the government will continue to increase support to encourage social forces to run gardens.

Although the responsible person said that the government would "increase its support", as far as red, yellow and blue education is concerned, the New deal has been introduced frequently, and it will open new direct-camp gardens in the future, and all the joining parks will be affected. Want to rely on kindergarten as before, this core business is bound to be unsustainable. The acquisition of overseas education companies, to expand the business line, is the first step in the transformation of red, yellow and blue.

Can change the name, can "start over"?

In the interview with Qilu Evening News in 2017, Shi Yanlai revealed the origin of the name “red, yellow and blue”: “Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colors of color. Red symbolizes mother, meaning passion; yellow symbolizes children, meaning dreams and future; blue Color symbolizes dad, meaning wisdom, conviction and tolerance." We don't know what kind of new name the three primary colors want to give ourselves, but the warm meaning of "Mom and Dad and Children" has long since disappeared.

In the face of a hard-to-reshape word of mouth and a policy of continuous high pressure, can red, yellow and blue find a way out for themselves?

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Red yellow and blue renamed washed white transformed

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