Shell Finding Room CTO Yan Yan: The role of the platform is to reduce the variance of people and provide predictable quality.

From the top of the three portals of Sina, Sohu and NetEase, to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent rely on search, e-commerce and social networking, and then to the United States, Didi, today's headlines and so on to become the industry giant with the help of the scene closed-loop, and China's 25-year access to the international Internet, The breakthrough of the technology, the evolution of the equipment, the change of the scene and the change of the scene, and also witnessed the change of people's life style.

In a blink of an eye, a quarter of a century ago, China entered the 5G first year, and the industry Internet became the theme of the second half. In such a node full of unknowns and opportunities, on July 9, the China Internet Conference brought together government departments, industry experts and industry giants to discuss ways and means of "innovation, change, and new development."

Service platform is an important track for the development of the Internet in depth, and it is also the focus of this conference. As a leading enterprise in the field of residential services, shell housing search in the standardization, digitization and intelligence of real estate brokerage services to the forefront. Yan qu, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Shell search, believes that the core responsibility of the service platform is to "reduce the variance of service providers and provide predictable service quality." Take residential service as an example, from the establishment of service standards to the completion of digitization, the road is only half way. Next, the breakthrough of service-oriented platform will focus on how to restore the "physical world" and "psychological world" of offline service by digital means.

Empirical precipitation: use standardization and digitization to narrow the variance of the service provider

"People are capable of variance." Yan Yan pointed out the fundamental pain point of the service platform - even the service providers on the same platform, there are experienced or not, the length of time of entry, the difference in skill proficiency. How to overcome the variance of people and provide consumers with stable and predictable service quality is a problem that every platform needs to think about and solve. At present, the shell search platform has connected more than 200,000 brokers and more than 20,000 stores. It is an undisputed and huge server platform. How to ensure that these unidentified brokers provide similar quality services to buyers. ? The shell is used to find a set of methods from standardization to digitization to intelligence.

Yan Yan shared that in the past ten years, shell-seeking houses have been "setting standards." Since real estate transactions are a very long chain and extremely complex service category, this requires a series of standards to standardize and clarify the efficiency and quality of services. The shell search house dictionary uses 433 fields to describe a house. It takes 10 years to put nearly 200 million houses in the country into the standard database. With VR technology, since last year, the shell search has collected more than 1.6 million houses. Three-dimensional model data. This is "standardization of things." The professionalization path of the broker represented by the shell and the big test is “human standardization”. The “standardization of processes” is defined by the system control of house entrustment, brokers' viewing, network signing, and transfer.

This series of standards are fixed by shell house search with SaaS system, Link,A and other broker tools, and run through the whole chain of residential services. For example, in shell interior, if an agent wants to ask a client to take a look, the system will suggest that at least three sets of housing be arranged at a time, and if it is less than three, the system will prompt the broker to ensure the efficiency of the house. And in the transfer stage, in order to avoid the trading center too many personnel to cause customers to wait for a long time, or even go for nothing, shell will make an appointment number for the customer through the online system and estimate the customer processing time node, and so on.

In Yan Yan's view, the value of these standardized tools is also to accumulate data, so as to feed back the process and make intelligence possible. Yan Yan gave an interesting example: "Shell Finding House launched the AI ​​lecture room in the first half of this year. The machine can self-learn the knowledge map and describe the specific room type for the customer by voice output. We found that the user used the AI ​​lecture room online. The average listening time is 120 seconds, far exceeding the average length of the traditional broker's offline speaking room is 44 seconds. This means that the level of AI speaking room has actually exceeded humans, which is precisely due to the previous data accumulation. Further, the assistance of AI can also reduce the variance of the ability of the broker. "Doing AI is not about replacing people, but helping the service providers to do better."

The next challenge: the digitization of the physical world and the psychological world

In the 25 years of Internet networking, all kinds of industries have focused on one thing-moving the scene online. The industrial Internet, on the other hand, is at the heart of how to "get back offline." Yan Quan believes, "in the stage of industrial Internet, we should not only reconstruct the connection with the offline physical world, but also go deep into the psychological world of human beings and make up for the blank of offline interaction by means of digitization."

Take the real estate transaction as an example, although the current trading platform has been able to track the browsing path and transaction process of buyers in order to improve efficiency and ensure security, but the link that is vital to the transaction leaves a blank in the data. Today, shell search is using VR,AI and Internet of things technology to make up for gaps. For example, Yan Quan mentioned that shell tries to add hardware devices to key offline interaction nodes, using Internet of things technology to collect data and restore the physical world. "We will add some sensors to the keys commissioned by the owner so that we can know who the keys have been lent to several times, so that we can find out where the process can be improved and optimized."

The bottom of any service involves psychological interaction, and the digitization of the psychological world is particularly difficult. But Yan qu also pointed out: "A scene full of mistrust is often full of business opportunities." Yan Wei admitted that in the past, the real estate service industry did give customers a poor experience, the whole industry fell into a negative cycle. "what residential service enterprises have to do now is to improve the professional dignity of brokers and strengthen their business capabilities through the power of technology, so as to improve the quality of service and promote customer satisfaction." Shell housing search has created a credit system called "shell division", which describes the ability of brokers through five dimensions: professional ability, reputation evaluation, industry influence, degree of cooperation, platform participation and so on. Yan qu says that he hopes to use such a digital means to try to depict the process of building trust in the psychological world of home buyers and brokers, and to find a breakthrough to improve the quality of service. And then change the living state of the whole industry.

From standardization to digitization, we have witnessed a change in an industry from disorder to excellence. As the Internet continues to transform the real estate brokerage industry, Yan Wei believes that intelligence will bring more imagination to the industry. "if we constantly update technology to promote the digitization of the physical and psychological world, it will not be far off for 80 percent of the future home purchase process to be completed online."

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