Suning Tesco announced double eleven battle report: omni-channel sales increased by 132%

[TechWeb] November 11, according to data released by Su Ning, SUNING omni-channel sales rose 132 percent year-on-year during the double 11 period as of 23:59 on November 11. Of these, 1666 retail cloud stores, up 3308 percent from the same period last year, 2400 direct stores in SUNING, an 84 percent increase in sales, 10 times more order volume in Su Ning small stores than in daily reports, and Su Ning purchasing orders exceeding 80 million orders.

In terms of categories, the overall sales of home appliances increased by 107%; the number of buyers of large fast-moving exceeded 40 million, an increase of more than 400%, and the number of orders surged by more than 500%.


Suning said that during the double eleventh period, Suning Tesco stores more than 50 million people to shop in the store, Suning store to provide 5 million people to provide neighborhood services, Suning Hotel to provide services for more than 100,000 people, Suning Studios more than 200,000 people to enter Movies in the studio, Suning Plaza provides shopping for 15 million people.

In terms of logistics, the data showed that on November 11th, small parcels took less than 7 hours, and large items were less than 6 hours. The number of warehouse picking operations exceeded that of last year's double eleven all-day picking. During the double eleventh period, Suning store online order delivery service, the average delivery time is only 18 minutes.

In addition, the figures also show that this year, the double 11, post-90s consumers accounted for 42 percent, post-80s consumers accounted for 38 percent, the post-90s exceeded the post-80s for the first time, become the dominant consumer.

Su Ning eBay announcement double 11 Battle News all channels sales year-on-year 132%

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